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The Change will create a new religion – awesome!

The Change – A new religion?
So far quite a period with the separation of everything into one side or the other. The separation of the good guys and the bad guys has gone through Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya on quite a grand scale, but watch out as this is just the beginning. There are conflicts in over 100 Countries as of today. People are saying enough is enough and starting to fight back. Now look at the recent problems in Ukraine and surrounding Countries.
The big corporations will be next and the downfall of those that are not squeaky clean will be swift and painful. The big corporations must get back to working for the people instead of for the shareholders.
Covid is separating too. Lessons chosen in sickness are being speeded up so that they are learnt and over with by the time of change. Exciting times too for healers that are getting better and better results with “thought is creation” – the fact that more and more people are believing in healthy alternatives to medicines is creating a group energy that can and will be in the future tapped into, firstly by the healers and much later by the people themselves.
Next, you will probably be surprised by meeting more of what I call “Genuine people” those that think the right way – and of course there is more of the opposite thinkers too. This intuition will get stronger and stronger over the next few years until it becomes the norm.
Group minds control the way society develops – we all believe that there is a financial crisis, which with the help of our group energy creates one. As the change reaches its peak and societies start to understand a new religion will develop based on how we feel and what we believe and think is right.
Then you will see how this will be the opposite of how the majority of religions have developed over the years. No longer will they be based on a fear based mythology, or power or daily conformations. Our group experiences will reach a new tipping point where we as a society with a fresh start will see the right direction, and move forward to a future where we once more look out for and help, one another.

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