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In this meditation, Miriam first channels a speaker on the political situation in Africa, and then a regular guide called Gladys has a chat. Miriam (Channeling) – Greetings my children. Luke – Welcome. Miriam (Channeling) – I have been with you before. And I wish now to talk to you about your family, just a chatting tape, for I know the worries that you have, especially with the one who is abroad. There will be trouble, as you expect, it is so sad that any change of government cannot be done in peace and especially where it is between two different cultures, not as yours is just between labor or conservative, but all those other countries I think South Africa is one of the biggest changes that has to come. A very, very difficult situation for on the one hand you have the people who say the country is theirs, and that is so, on the other hand you have those who say that if they had not come then the Africans would not have progressed as far as they have today. And the most difficult of all, that they cannot unite as one that belongs to Africa. Each tribe wishes to be the dominant factor in the elections and even when the elections have finished, it will not be smooth running for some time to come. Only when it is realised that the Africans and the other races must agree in principal on how to run the country only then will it bring peace. But it will have to come or the country will go down on its knees to what it was so many, many years ago. Those who have passed over from that country are united on our side to try to help to bring peace, for they can now see what has to be done, and what will happen if they do not work together. There are many who want peace, but there are also many agitators unfortunately from both sides who do not want peace. They wish the arguments to continue that they may get a hold of certain areas or certain businesses for themselves while the fighting goes on, or even while the bickering goes on when the election is over. So much greed, so much power seeking, as it is the world over. Your family will be well protected, you need have no fear, as they all are and will be. So may this put your mind at rest. Luke – Thank you. Miriam (Channeling) – All the energy that you can spare, each meditation we ask that you send it out to these troubled parts, and indeed to all the troubled parts of the world as they occur. Your own government is under a great deal of pressure for the wish to unite with more of the world without losing its own wishes of the people. It is only right that each country must have the casting vote for their own people and this must be fought for. It is many, many years since there has been such difficulties between governments as one progresses and another does not, yet they can see the advantages of joining up with those who do and are progressing. But first they must learn to fight more of their own battles, to look after their own people, before being a drain on the more prosperous countries. It is always good to hold out a helping hand but not if it means that your own people must go without in order to do this. As it is from one family to one country, one nation, then it must be that the necessities are used for that family, and the rest to be shared with those who are more in need, for one can cut out pleasures in order to help, one can cut extravagant spending, but one must never stop seeing that the essentials are paid to cover those who are in need from that particular family or country. So many people are on the gravy train, and it is a case of what can I get out of it, what can I sue for, and not am I worth the money that I am getting. It must return to basics in all areas to common sense that even in the majority of the animal kingdom, when one looks after one’s own first and foremost. Only then do you see if you can help others, for only then will others learn that they must just not hold out a hand and expect it to be filled without they themselves working for what they get. And this should also apply to the many that receive benefits, not just your country but all over the world and do not do anything for that benefit. When work is in short supply and people must, although many do reluctantly claim for benefits, they should be expected to do something to help others, by perhaps repair work of houses, the amenities, in fact by using their skills in whatever way is possible, in order to reduce the burden that is thrust upon others. People must be made aware of their responsibilities, the church also must play its part in doing this, it is all very well for those in church to preach to the congregation that goes regularly for they are preaching more or less to the converted, they must go out not try to amass material things for their particular church, they must go out among the people and get practical help to non believers, to non church-goers without expecting them to give thanks but to know that what they are doing is for their benefit as well as others. That it all goes to balance the scales of life, and that who knows amongst those who are helped there may be many who say perhaps I should change my attitude and seek the joy that these people are giving to me, and to seek from whence that joy of giving comes from. It is the giving that is the most important, it may be difficult for some people to receive, for they think of it as charity, but they must learn that if they wish to give then that person must also learn to receive, and so must they. For whatever reason one gives, it is given because mostly because they want that person to have it, or whatever they are giving, advice where it is asked for. Sometimes something is given so that they can get rid of it, but even so it is given and not just thrown away. So there is a tiny spark of good in that. All aspects of religion must expand, they must not say this is the right one, this is the right thing to do, they are doing what they want to do, they can only point out different ways as we do, and let the choice be theirs. But it must expand in so many different ways, one does not have to get onto a platform and speak, one does not have to get onto a soapbox on a street, but by every action, deed, and thought that you do it is taken notice of. It is like a stone that is thrown onto a pond and the ripples extend, and you have been told this many, many times.      This tape could be heard by many, it is not one that you should keep to yourselves. We shall probably put it into your mind as to the best places to send it, and you will be needing many more tapes in the future, but we know that you have some that can be re-used. For it is written what is on them, and what will be said in the future is of far more importance, than what you have had in past years. I think that that is all that I wish to say this evening, but I will be back, many times, and I know that you are always prepared for whoever wishes to talk. I bid you goodnight and God bless you my children, until I come again. Luke – Thank you, God bless you.

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