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THE FUTURE OF AFRICA – November 2007     By SpiritualDictionary.com In November 2003 a new element was introduced for the continued development of this World – it was “What and how you think is now more important than your actions” This means that how people think these days will mould the way the World will be in the future………….. Thought is creation – therefore if your thoughts are correct, the energy created will lead you in the right direction then things have to happen – it is that simple. If you think the right way, you will feel more positive, and you will achieve more because of your positive energy. You have probably heard of “The Secret” – a DVD that is doing the rounds at the moment. That is what it is – think the right way and you will go in the right direction. The main purpose of this way of thinking is that it will start to separate the good from the bad – by their thoughts and consequently their actions. When the change of the Earth actually happens the good and the bad will mainly be grouped together as like attracts like, so the powers that be can take the bad guys back upstairs, and leave the good guys to teach the new era. Many many different forms of energy are being created right now and are being stored for use after the change – vast amounts will be needed, and they are being created in amazing ways. We have looked at the energies created by 9/11, the Tsunami and Maddy’s disappearance – here are a few more. Zimbabwe is a huge Country that has suffered more than most – inflation is the highest in the World, the majority are unemployed, more than 50% need food aid. They are beaten, abused and taken advantage of on an ongoing basis. The President and his close followers pad their bank accounts daily……and what notice does the World take? The energy created there is resilience – when the people of Zimbabwe are eventually freed they will view one solid meal a day as luxury  – and their new found freedom will create a nation that will really appreciate each and every advantage obtained. There are many such Countries in Africa. In the Congo Rape is now a tool of war – humiliate and suppress the weak by raping the women at every opportunity – in the war-torn areas it is estimated that more than 50% of the woman have been abused this way, both by the opposition AND the local army. How do they feel – obviously they have an extremely strong hatred for their tormentors – but they are building a bond amongst each other – kindred spirits – a group of women who share a common hatred for “Men who take advantage” South Africa is probably the strongest of the African Countries, but 13 years after the end of Apartheid there are more than 20 000 murders a year.  Rapes, Child-rapes, Hi-jacking’s, armed robberies and muggings are so commonplace that the local people now accept that this is the new way of life. People are frustrated, angry and incensed at the multitude of atrocities taking place and the Governments lack of ability to solve even 5% of these crimes. So what energy is being created here? Since 1994 more than 1 million people have lost a family member, almost every person knows someone who has been mugged or robbed – can you imagine how each and everyone feels – imagine right now losing your spouse or parent and then multiply that feeling by a million, and each and every one has built up a hatred for those they think are responsible – both the criminals and the Government ………that is a creation of an enormous amount of negative energy that will reach a peak at the change – and they will make more than sure that it will never happen again……….that energy is NEGATIVE POWER. Then understand that South Africa is becoming the same as the rest of Africa. Can you name an African Government where crime and corruption is not the accepted way of life now? No. Now imagine what will happen when this whole continent of negative power erupts – when everyone reaches boiling point – the people will join together to form this immense group energy – the negative power will need an outlet and you would think that the Governments would be slaughtered right across the Nation – but you would be wrong. After decades of abuse this new African nation will stand together and their group experiences will understand the right way to do things – they will be so against continuing violence and crime that they will simply remove those from power and put their own leaders into government. After decades of violence and abuse the simple actions of greeting a neighbour, or sitting down to a peaceful meal with your family will be taken as a luxury first before it becomes the norm. This will create a super-nation of peoples that will well and truly understand peace and family………..and doing the right thing. “Thought is creation” will do the rest – and Africa will become the strongest Continent – because its peoples will have risen from the depths so much more than any others. What energies therefore have been created by the actions of terrorists and the various wars that are currently being fought around the World? What about Darfur, Israel and Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan – the list is endless……….and it is all creating energy. …………and how has the weather been this year? Negative energy of course changes the weather. There have been far far more fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. The weather is a process of re-distributing energy – if everyone loved each other around the world tomorrow – we would all have perfect weather. But look what we have now. There is a huge amount of negative energy being built up in the earth right now – it is almost at boiling point but the forthcoming “loving energy” that will be created at Christmas time will bring it off the boil – but not for long. Early in the New Year there will be a series of major volcanic activity that will shock the scientific world and confirm various aspects of the global warming theory. I think there will be 5 in a very short space of time. 2007 for you all has probably been a good one, as you all think the right way – and as time goes on you will progress more and more to a positive future – and you will be able to see the gap widen between the good and the bad. Do not see the future change of the earth as a hardship – it will not be for the majority of us – it will be a time of very fast learning – of enjoyable giving – and leading those around us into a new era. 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