Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

The new Generation

The new generation

7 March 22 Earth is a mess, congested ~ New energies to work with to save the planet, New thinking ~ Nature, help people relax and visualise ~ New generation with new energies .       Geoff and Sharon are being given information. Geoff starts and a Guide takes over.

G: Ok, Verna was here right away. The first thing I saw was the Earth, or just before she arrived I saw the Earth as seen from space. So you can see the round Earth, the blue water and so on.  And then radiating off the face of the Earth, going outwards, was an enormous amount of energy. And then Verna came along, and after we said our hello’s etc, there was lots of funny looking creatures, like bats and demons and spiders and she said these are fears. But we know here, there is nothing to be afraid of, because they are just thought forms, images etc. And there are lots of fears on Earth. What the Earth is like at the moment, is congested. There is way too much of everything here because of everything being brought to a head. We’ve got the big change that is happening. And the additional energies that have been built up, to first of all, combat the negativity, and secondly, to start creating this new way of thinking. There are so many things to influence and of course spirit can’t do everything, they have to work through mediums on Earth, people like yourselves. And so that is why you will be using this sort of energy in the work that you do. But there are so many others like you around the world, that are all working on different levels. And every level, from the smallest to the highest. Because they all have to be covered, because the whole thing, you will see it as being totally complex, of course we see it as being…

S: Clarity.

G: Yes, much simpler. Because we have a greater understanding, we see a much simpler picture. So the Earth’s energy is, there’s too much. It’s like everything is shoved into one room, the negative is pushing up against the positive, and all the different forms of energy are all mixed together and they are all due to be sorted out. And they will get sorted out and as they get sorted out then you start to get this peace and so on. But it is not going to be an instant thing, it is going to take a long time to be done, because as one thing gets sorted out, that automatically affects the next things, and they need to get sorted out, and so on. It is going to take time. And also the people themselves, need to understand what is happening. They may not understand the spiritual level that you two are at, but they need to understand why people are moving in this Direction instead of that direction. The new generation has to learn what is the right way to go, compared to what they have been learning so far. And that is different in every country and every culture and every religion.  So all these things have to be sorted and expanded.

 S: And processed.

G: And processed, yes. So what you see is not something that can be done in a hurry. You will be able to see, or you won’t be able to see massive results. Because the results are a combination of all these smaller outcomes joining together, linking together, to produce the outcome that we need. But you will obviously understand that you are doing the right thing and you will sense what is being done and you will be able to sense the bigger picture, although you won’t be able to see it.

Now, as such now you have made a few very good contacts but you cannot see farther than those contacts, because you don’t know who ‘they’ talk to. And ‘they’ change minds, and so on, and so on. And so it will go, through the rest of your life, you will be seeing, understanding what you are doing, you will be understanding that it’s the right thing to do. You will be understanding that it is going in the right direction. But you won’t be able to see so much. But what you will get is a deep satisfaction of what you are doing, because you understand the bigger picture.

S: yes, and each contribution helps. It gathers that energy.

Correct, yes. There will be a lot of new emotions, energies. Energies is a better word. A lot of new energies which will help with the change, some that you haven’t seen before. And you will simply learn and understand, accept them because we will be able to show you what they mean, what they mean for the future. Or what needs to be done with those particular energies. So your learning is going to be very enjoyable. Although there will be few that you can share it with. You will be able to share on a lower level and very little on a higher level with like-minded people. What is important here is your mind. Thought is creation and as you think the right way, so you will be joined up with other circles, groups of people around the world. And most unknowingly, simply because your energy created is out there and it can link up with other energies to create the massive energy that we need to go ahead, making these changes.

A lot of it is done this way because of ego. And because of people’s beliefs. Now we were talking earlier about all these different religions, different beliefs – they all move in the same direction but in a different manner. So as you will be teaching your people, your groups and it will get passed on. It will get passed on to different religions and different ways of thinking but it will be a corrected version of what is needed to establish these changes.

 S: as long as it’s a positive energy.

Yes, positive energy. So it will expand basically around the world. You will be linking up with all these other groups, people etc. and creating new forms of energy, which can be used by yourself and by many many others, to create what we need. Now there are many of us guiding this energy and as I said just now, we see a far simpler picture. We can see far more, communicate with far more people than you can in your environment. And your mother is one of those helping with this expansion because of the understanding that she has and has had in her past lives. The nice part there, is the communication between your mother and the two of you, is that you are on the same level from the same group. And you trust each other with the understanding that you have and the direction that you are going. It’s far easier for your mother to work with you than it would be with others. So that is a benefit for you. Benefit is the wrong word. It’s a good …

S: It makes it easier.

Yes, it simplifies things, it makes things easier. It’s a much stronger energy that is available to people and created much quicker than working through new energies, people, spiritual beings. Now what is also going to be included in all this energy is, we talked to you a couple of weeks ago, about Nature. How nature interacts with humans, interacts with emotions and interacts with far more dimensions and emotions than you realise at the moment. And it’s all interconnected and it will all work together. And you will be seeing a lot more of interaction between nature and humans. That’s a simplified way of putting it.

The energy that is generated in the nature world is a much softer energy to calm people in the physical world as you know it. To calm down huge groups, again, as with the war you are having in Ukraine and so on. That has to come to a conclusion to basically start this new change that is happening. But nature energies, as you can imagine, I mean if you just think of yourself in a field full of flowers and the sunshine, the rivers, the beautiful nature place where you have been recently, your safety place. You imagine being able to share that with so many people who are in dire straights or in trouble at the moment. Who would love to have that feeling of relaxation, calmness and comfort. Also along the way there is going to be a lot of people completing their lessons on Earth and not all the lessons are good ones, some have to have a bad outcome because that is what they chose to learn. They need to see that bad outcome, again so they can see both sides of the coin. So, where you see people in dire straits, people in trouble, people having heartaches through losing people, through all sorts; just understand that they are all God’s children, for want of a better word, and they are all completing their lessons before they cross over.

Now the new generation that is coming down, the new children. They will be the teachers and then the inventors. And they will be coming down with more knowledge as to how to integrate nature with people, in the future, in basically the next few generations. So we can get this Earth back to a lifestyle of how it should be, how it was intended to be in the beginning. It’s simple for us to create a planet where everybody is on equal footing, but the minute that is done, you start to get the extremes, going from one to the other. Which is essential for people having to learn. And that is what we do. And when it gets too far out of balance, which it is at the moment, then we can step in and adjust and send down the right..

S: energies

Energies, and spirits, the new generation, the next generation. So I will leave you with that for tonight. And for a long time you have been without the (Mom kiss) She sends her love and blessings.

S: Thank you.

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