Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – A small Tibetan boy, with a shaved head, there is something wrong with his mind, he has a larger head than usual. He suffers a lot from headaches and he is spiritual. Miriam (John) – And what do you suggest to help him? Geoff – I think his brain is too large for his skull. Miriam (John) – It is. Geoff – So by putting my hands inside his head, I can reduce the size of the brain by a fraction. Miriam (John) – And at the same time try to imagine that the cells, which are not in use, can be taken away to make more room. Geoff – He can understand and is listening to what is happening. Miriam (John) – He was sent by the other Tibetan that was here. Geoff – By easing that pressure it is also easing the pressure on the back of the neck and the spine. Miriam (John) – Yes, it does, not an easy thing to diagnose of what you should do, one is always afraid of doing harm to the brain, but there are so many parts of the brain that you know now that are not in use. Geoff – And these parts that are being shown to me that are not in use, are black pieces like a crust on a pie, and he is taken away. Miriam (John) – Can you see those who are helping you with this particular thing? Geoff – I can see their outlines, there is four of them. Miriam (John) – As long as you can see that they are there, you do not need to see them clearly, they do not wish to be seen clearly. Geoff – Because this boy is very important. Miriam (John) – Very important, and I think in future you may get more from Tibet. That is an excellent job you have done, both of you have done very good work tonight. Geoff – Thank you

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