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Geoff – The first thing I get is a train accident, there is a train and the carriages have concertinaed off the rails, and at the end of the train which we are facing, one of the carriages is missing off the end, and the inter-leading door, it seems to be a revolving door, something I have never seen on a train before, but there are quite a few other spirits there because there is a woman trapped in the door, this type of revolving door, and the doors keep banging backwards and forwards against her chest, which is very badly crushed. Her head is sticking out of the door and she can’t get the rest of her body out. What we need is something very unusual. Dad must put his right elbow against the door, which is swinging clockwise, and his left hand against the train carriage, which will stop it banging against this woman. Now I open it, and as I do this she falls down and out of the door a good drop onto the tracks below and then slides down the side of a bank. She is very badly damaged, we have got to work very fast, her chest has caved in, the heart, the ribs have punctured various organs and her lungs. The first thing we have to do is turn her over on her face, and again Dad gives her a slight push so she rolls over, while Verna stands by her right ankle when she rolls over her head is facing more downwards, and her head is well below her ankles. This is because the ribs have punctured the lungs and it is necessary to drain blood from the lungs. She is breathing with difficulty, she is unconscious, and she won’t cough or choke while she is unconscious. Dad and I then put our hands on the shoulder blade and using energy lift this woman slightly and what we are doing is drawing the ribs out of the lungs which are at the front, and just by lifting it up and jerking it a couple of times, the ribs come out. And then the lungs will start to close over, both Mom and Verna must concentrate on the front of the lungs, the puncture marks while Dad and I hold her up and seal the punctures. Use a very strong energy and use your fingertips, and as if you were welding something, you touch her very quickly and it is sealed. There is a lot of blood at the top of the lungs near the throat, and as she comes around she will cough this out and the lungs will be clear. She is doing that at the moment and she will automatically roll over on her back and pass out again. She has done this, rolled over, but the lungs are now almost clear, she is able to breathe and it will be a while before attention comes along, what we must do is reverse the procedure that we used just now, we need to change her position, and as we do this the lungs are cleared and she will stay in this position until she is found. There are five other spirits with her, all healers from a similar circle to this all looking after her, she is someone very special. And she will remain in that position until she gets proper medical care. The other damage that she has got has been repaired by others doing a similar job to us but we needed the energy from Dad to physically move the body. Miriam (DR Paul) – That is what I was waiting for you to say, I wondered because you have done everything perfect up ‘til now, and it was the energy that was needed to move her, they needed this special energy, and this is Dr Paul tonight. But that was very good work. Verna – And there is a tree involved, I don’t know if they are going to sit her up against a tree to help her breathe-, and she is going to get energy from this tree, I don’t know, but I just got a tree involved, and lots of energy coming from this tree. Miriam (Dr Paul) – Well of course you know that trees have life just as you do, and the spirits of the nature are every bit as important as what the humans spirits are, you are quite right, there is energy from this tree. Geoff  –  But it is her feet that are against the tree, the soles of her feet. Verna – Yes, I didn’t think they would sit her up with her rib problem. That makes sense. Geoff – It seems that I can see tree spirits around the base of the tree and around her ankles. Verna – Me too. Geoff  –  In the past few weeks we have often felt energy passing through our feet, and I think that was for us to learn so that we can accept what we are seeing at the moment. Miriam (Dr Paul) – Yes, later on you will learn a lot more of what is necessary or useful from nature and you will learn a lot more about it, and it isn’t just the herbs and that are useful, it is all nature, even the weeds have their uses, but that is for a later date. It will just come in gradually. Verna – I have got a blanket, why do I have a blanket? Geoff – Maybe to cover the woman with, a pink spiritual blanket? To stop the shock. Miriam (Dr Paul) – You are quite right, it is a spiritual blanket to stop the shock. Verna – I can feel the vibrations. I have put the blanket over her, we are leaving her now.

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