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Tsunami energy

While I was in Phuket a few years ago, I was looking forward to sensing the energy in the area after the 2004 Tsunami – as usual it wasn’t what I expected.
After spending a few days “on holiday” I knew the energy as peaceful, calm and very comfortable. The Thai people are very tolerant. There are constant traffic jams but no honking of horns, no frustrated drivers or road rage – just the opposite – an acceptance of “This is just the way it is”
There are many without regular jobs, but there are no beggars on the streets. I saw many many street sellers all trying to eke out a living, some as young as 6, but nearly always they are smiling.
Overall I saw them as at peace with the life that they have.
When the Tsunami happened people world-wide opened their hearts and their wallets and a tremendous amount of “Giving” energy was sent to Phuket. That energy helped bond the people together as they live with a “giving” energy – and that feeling of togetherness is gradually spreading northwards into Thailand.
This beautiful “giving” energy was created from a disaster.
The guide I was talking to explained that Phuket got most of the media coverage because it was better known. He made me look South to the poorer coastal areas that bore the brunt of the damage. Not so much energy was directed there but the people bonded together even more – some lost their entire family and friends but still remained afterwards to re-build their lives.
I saw 3 major cities where the energy was just the opposite. Where those who valued possessions over people were creating a wildly negative and destructive energy. There was no bonding, no togetherness nor helping their fellow man – it was selfishness and greed relating to their possessions.
As always like attracts like and this newly created energy started to bring these negative people together. As the energy spread outside of the cities it was stopped by the positive energy of the tolerant people and their “giving” energy.
Now these 3 cities (and probably more) are growing with negative people – and they are contained. (Another example of the division grouping positive and negative together)
FINAL NOTE: For those of you that have recently joined, a whole variety of energies are being created and stored various ways in different areas. When the sequence is completed the Earth will change destroying a large part of “negative areas” leaving a more balanced earth to continue its growth on a more balanced level.
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