Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

Universal energy and thinking the right way

March 27 2022 Gifting us with a library of Universal Energy to heal when using thought with the right intention (For G and S)

 In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

You are going to open up your energy centers tonight. I know you do it automatically. You’re going to open up to the whole thing, as we saw yesterday, the whole universe. Ok, you do that for now…

Okay, we are going to talk a little bit about Universal energy. I got something to talk about and then I saw a circular wheel, so you are looking down, it’s like a round table. And there are slots where people put their hands in, where we would have dinner plates…. Below that. So there is a slot waiting for you to put your hand in. So lots of people can sit around the table and put their hands in. This is symbolic and this is something that has to do with controlling or policing the Universal energy.

Now the big thing that you need to learn, or you will be learning, you need to understand, is that what you have been taught so far, is there are all these different energies, there’s all these different colours. And there are all these different ways of healing and utilising energy. What is most important with the stage you are getting to now, which very few people will reach on this planet, is that you don’t need those colours and those sounds or whatever; it’s simply thought, the pureness of the pureness of your thought.

S: And heart.

Yes, you think the right way and energies are there to be used.  So, we will teach you lots of different ways of doing that. Basically, that is all you have to do, is think the right way. Now, can you imagine this table, let’s go down and put our hands in a couple of slots and see what we can feel.

I see all universal energy, when we see the whole thing, and we bring it in one being, back to us. I see it as being a red colour. That is just by the by, so I’ve got hands in the table, let’s see what we can see there. This is a link to memories. Now as you were looking at earlier on, where you start to contact people, they start to contact like-minded people and so the same thing grows. You’ve got the same thing in spirit. Where you’ve got all these connections and you have a library of different memories. So if we take one particular subject and then you link that subject to all the different planets, dimensions and all the possibilities, then that is the one link. Now, we can’t give you a connection to everything, because you are not at that stage yet. But what you are at, is a stage where you can use universal energy whatever is allowed for you or whichever you qualify for, put it that way. So we just wanted you to see that this is another extension of energy and how the energy is used around the universe. Ok, now you can withdraw your hands. And we’ll show you the next step.

So we got it on a lower energy. So if you take the energy of what you have experienced so far on this planet, there is a similar thing there. Basically it’s a library of information. It’s the same thing with the table, you put your hands in and.. this is basically symbolic.

You will be able to contact this library of information and draw out information that you need for a specific subject.  Now it doesn’t have to mean that you go into meditation, that you talk to us and we will come down and give you the answers. The answers are there. And you will get used to getting these answers immediately, even though you don’t understand them. As they come into your system, you will understand, you will realise that you do understand what they mean and you will put them into practice. Now this requires a lot of faith. It’s the same thing as when you started at the beginning. You learnt little things and then you learnt more and more and more, and the more you experienced all these small things, the more the bigger things could come after that. So you will both have access to this library. And when you need information, especially with the healings you are doing, Sharon, you will be doing healing and when you come across something which is unusual, you will be able to tap into this and draw out that information. And of course it will never be abused, that goes without saying. And what you get, a lot of it you won’t be able to tell to others, because it is going to sound too far-fetched. But later on, when more people understand and so on, it becomes a different story.

Now how this works, is you will have the questions, and you will connect to this library of information and the library of information is basically connected to all the spirit up here and all the past memories. So they are all combined. So your answer, maybe will come through as an automated answer for a common question. Or something a little bit more complex, maybe one of us will come and send that information to you immediately, not talk to you, just send that information.

So all the connections are there. It’s just that you will get used to using them and the more you use them, the more you will be given, the more access you will have and the quicker you will get results. Now let me just confirm that getting results quicker doesn’t mean that you getting the information quicker, you will always get that instantly. It’s that the results will get quicker on the healing.

When you heal, there has got to be some time period between when you heal spiritually and it goes into the physical.

S: yes

And also you need a time period because sometimes people need to experience the different things, such as your friend Hilary needs to be down in the dumps for a long time, before she can eventually get out of it and then see the difference. If this were to happen too fast then the lesson wouldn’t be learnt. And she wouldn’t have such a big understanding. Again, this is something else which you haven’t really experienced before. But you will understand when things drag out for a long time. Now people may say to you ‘it’s not working’ but you will know that it is working, but there is nothing you can do to convince the people

S: All in their time.

Very difficult. But you now have the access ……

Now, what you are experiencing right now is, you have been given access to all this information that is only used when you think the right way. So what’s happening now, is you have had a lot of situations where this energy could have been used. You haven’t had access to it. Now that you have, it’s a bit like you getting an update on your computers, energy is flowing into you and out to where it is needed, to do the good we wanted to do. And you are simply a channel right now for all of this energy.

 Now you won’t feel anything but you will be able to sense this energy going through you. And what I would like you both to do, is sense this until the end of this meditation. Just energy and millions of billions of trillions of different colours, flowing through you, and out into the Universe

Now to finish, I want you to think of all the people that need to receive this energy. And just thinking of them will direct the correct energy to them, so that they can benefit. The energy does not go through your hands or your chakras or whatever, it comes into your head and goes out from the whole of your body. But it is basically symbolic, we don’t actually need you there. It needs to flow through you. So you are giving your permission for this energy to be used. Ok, I will leave you with that. Think of all the people the energy needs to go to and we can finish there.

S: I get a sense of bunny hopping around to get this energy everywhere. There’s no one that doesn’t need it.

G: Absolutely, no limit.

S: There’s nobody that doesn’t need this.

G: And you start sending it to all the people that you know and then you send it to all the bad people, then you send it to Ukraine, and everywhere.

S: Yes.

G: So it’s making a difference in so many different places, simply because we are thinking the right way.

S: Yes.

G: Wow. And what he was explaining in the end was difficult to put across. It’s like when you forward a WhatsApp message on your computer. It doesn’t actually come into your computer and go out again, it does in a way, but all that is happening is – they are saying ‘ok, this link is created and so it can be done. It doesn’t have to go in us and out us. When you do your healing of course you will be drawing it and using it with your hands. You can use it in lots of different ways. When you pass an accident you can just send it out through your whole body. And it’s just a matter of a simple thought. And when you wake up in the middle of the night and think of somebody, you just send them energy. You don’t have to think about what it is or whatever. Just that they need it, send the right stuff, and it’s done.

S: That’s what’s been my thing. Like when I was working with Boo  (The Dog) I start thinking ‘what energy, what energy, what energy?’’. And I just started playing with energies, which is also super cool. But it’s nice just to say, and I have kind of started to say “’whatever energy is needed here’ sometimes, please send that energy. And I started to get there… Just whatever energy is required here, just let it flow.

But in the beginning, before being told what was being put into us, I looked up and there was this tower of energy above, almost like a library full of books, but there were no books there, it was just ‘energy’. All around. Like this tower of what would be books in a library. Which was just energy. And I was like “wow”. And then I just got so hot. I got so hot. Not over hot, just hot.

G: Beautiful. So we can tap into the whole universe and we can do healing.

S: So now we can do energy pulls like, boom. And just do healing like, boom.

G: We just got to think the right way, which is what we do anyway.

S: Which is what we do anyway.

G: mm, so maybe the experience we have had of having to think the right way, are the lessons we learnt.

S: The story of a ballet teacher that started astral travelling more and more. She had been fighting a battle to get funding for her ballet school. And 3 years later, they called her and said “Yes “and she said no thank you, you can give it to someone else. And she chose to teach people astral travelling, to help as many people as she could. She said too:  If your heart is in the right place and good, you will be given the right information. Because you’re in it to help other people on the planet, then you will be given the gifts.

G: That makes sense.

S: That was amazing.

G: And in the beginning they did that hands in the table up there and down here which was symbolic which means that we can connect. When they do this automated channeling, I can recall a lot more. Before, when they used to channel, I would only recall maybe ¼ of it. Now, I think it’s pretty blank and then I start to see what it was, I can recall it, which is great.

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