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Geoff – The church itself was built many centuries ago and is made out of stone and is now in ruins, only the outside walls are standing, there is no roof, nothing inside, and surrounding it is the graveyards, which are totally overgrown with grass. No one attends the graves anymore, at the moment I can’t feel any presence around but there is a very comforting warm feeling, which I am not sure where it is coming from, it is a sunny day and blue sky, very peaceful and tranquil. Now many people when they die remain with their physical bodies for some time. It becomes something of a shock to them that when they die they are still there, they can still see their surroundings and they don’t know what happens after death. They tend to leave their bodies and hover close to their physical bodies, and although spirit is there to help them pass over to the other side, they stay with their bodies until after the burial or cremation. There is also a strong link with their loved ones that they are leaving behind. Now spirit works a lot here, when someone has been going to the same church for a long time, like the local churches that I am seeing here, when they die and they know they will be buried at that church and they feel very comforted knowing that they will be buried there and they stay with their physical body until the funeral is over. Spirit work a lot in areas like this and so much so that they leave a lot of excess energy in the church itself and the grounds. The departing spirit will feel very comforted going in spirit to the church and to the grounds because they will feel all the love from the spirits around, who have helped others pass over. The energy covers the whole of the church and the grounds, and it is a bit like seeing an aura, there are a lot of reds and yellows and there is a lot of energy stored here. Now in this particular church for many years or for a couple of centuries no one has been buried here, but the energy that was placed there and sort of rubbed off on the walls by spirit, is still there. And it is still as strong as ever, when people come to visit the graves or when they used to, they would also feel this comforting energy, because they would go there to grieve over the one that they had lost and spirit would naturally give them this sort of comforting energy, when they needed it most. The energy is still there and is still as good as it was two centuries ago when the last person was buried there, there are no others coming to visit the gravestones. There are no spirits who wish to come back to visit the site, there are no spirits who wish to come back to visit the church that they used to worship at, and the energy can now be used for a different purpose. What I am doing is lifting the whole aura of energy off the site and it is hovering above this church ruin, as you would have a tea cozy above a kettle, and the feeling now in these grounds and the church is totally neutral and now becomes a part of history and people will do with the land and the ruins what they wish. It was not an important church or a well known one, and therefore has little significance in today’s world. So I am going to leave the site and travel with the energy to see what happens to it. The energy is very strong, lots of reds and yellows, now I am going upwards, and we come to an area which is the cross over point where spirit actually, where people actually cross over into spirit and realise that they are doing so, and on this side of the river the energy is now stored. It is that sort of energy, it is comforting and reassuring, and those helpers that are there, helping people pass over to the other side, will take and use some of this energy to relax and comfort their new spirits and help them to cross over without trauma to the other side. Miriam (Paul) – You are doing very well, and it is so peaceful I didn’t want to interrupt you, this is Paul tonight. Geoff – Welcome Paul, now we assume the way we have been taught is that God worked miracles in the beginning, and Jesus of course, and we know that he can but, the energy that spirit creates is very light compared to the energy that can be created on earth, and energy created through earthly vibrations is more effective on physical life on earth, and spiritual energy created by spirit works more on your astral body or etheric body and so on. Miriam (Paul) – That is so. Geoff – When spirit therefore wish to give energy to something like this church yard they would do it through a physical body, and someone who is at the churchyard and is grieving is actually giving out love, is pouring out all this love into that area, spirit assists in this process firstly to release the person from their pent up grief, which must be done, and secondly the by product is they create so much love and spirit takes it and uses it in that area to use on other people when necessary. Now where you have a close family, as an example, if one of the family were injured and in trouble the rest of the family would want to give, to help, protect which basically boils down to love. And the more they want to give the more energy is created, and the closer the family becomes. The more energy there is available there to utilise when necessary to heal all forms of disease. Miriam (Paul) – You really are so advanced now to pick up the different energies so quickly. Geoff – Thank you.

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