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Using Pure thinking

9th February 2022 Geoff and Sharon are taught how to use their energies more through “pure” thinking. One of the usual Guides is talking through Geoff.

S: I feel like I have somebody right by me. 

G: Good, tune in, describe them, talk to them and see what happens. You’ve got someone with you but there’s nothing you have to do at the moment. 

S: I have got a woman in bed. She is in bed, but she is dead. But she is not crossing over, she is pulling a blanket over her head and she is staying there. She has died but she doesn’t know, she is terrified about crossing over. She is stuck at this level. Now, normally in a case like this we would do a rescue, we would go and talk to her and convince her to feel love, look up to the light and gradually get her across. What they are saying, is that we can do this, but because of the way we think, and because of our knowledge, when this happens and spirit wants help for somebody to cross over, they don’t necessarily need either of us to go into meditation, to go and visit the woman and help her cross. So, all we are really saying to them, is “it’s ok for you to use our energy, to do the necessary and help the woman across”. That means that we can help an awful lot of people at once. We don’t have to think individually about each one. So, we are becoming an energy source for things that need to be corrected in this World. 

G: It’s not just simple things like somebody dying, it’s a variety of things where energy is needed to correct imbalances. So for instance, you might be driving Aiden (Sharon’s son) to school and you suddenly think about trees, you get this quick image of somebody wanting to contact you, or whatever, and you can simply say it’s ok, because you will sense that spirit is trying to work through you. And it’s ok, and you will sense what they want to do is ok, because you will get this instant understanding. (Like the healing with Glyniss, when trees came up, and her and her husband had planted all those trees) And you will just let it happen and move on. 

So, with the teaching that we will be doing, where we will be talking to groups of people, whether it’s them listening to our audios, or listening to a podcast, or a live talk, whatever; we will be talking to lots of people, and at that stage, we can connect with them, and they may have problems, which can allow spirit to work through us to solve their problems. Without us really knowing about it. Now, if you think of what Verna used to do, which is talking to their guides, their helpers, when somebody had a problem, they would go to her. She would make the connection and she would allow certain things to happen, and help the people connect, or crossover, or whatever was needed to be done. And it’s the same sort of thing, it’s just on the next level up. Where we do it in bulk, for want of a better word. This can relate to a lot of things, not just people and problems. It can relate to plants, for example, where you see a garden which is very malnourished. It can be with animals, being mistreated or need some help in some way. It can be an awful lot of things. Anywhere energy is needed. 

Now we won’t get any nasty characters coming through, because of the stage our belief is at. We will sense that straight away, so they won’t even bother to try. And of course we have all these guides and spirit around us, working with us, literally all the time. 


Now I’ve got a young woman here, a very nice face, black hair. I have a guy with a checked shirt. These are just examples. I will do the guy first, because he is closer. They are demonstrating a basic form of energy that we will be using a lot of. What this guy is trying to do is help this woman who is having a really hard time. It doesn’t really matter with what, whether she is starving, lost a child, whatever, but it’s not dealing directly with the woman, it’s dealing with someone that is trying to look after and help the woman. So, there are people who want to help others out there. Lots of people who want to help other people. 

They need connections and these people don’t have an understanding of spiritual life and development. They simply want to give. So they think the right way. They are the right sort of people. And they don’t need to understand spiritual life, when we can actually work through them. They chose a different part of their life, but part of it is helping other people. So, all that would happen is – we will take his desire to help this woman, we simply pick it up and we supply the energy to help as best we can. And it’s the help that we give is not material, or providing something, it’s emotional. So it’s emotional help. We have just experienced it with losing Mom. Other people can have all sorts of different things. It doesn’t have to be losing somebody, it could be anything, going broke, having a dog run over, whatever. Lots of different things can affect their emotions. Then you have got all the people who have anxiety problems, and fears, and all these little things need to be balanced, addressed, etc. Now when people come down for lives, they choose a life and they have total free will. Then the guides obviously guide them in the right direction, but then because they have got free will, they can often stray off the path, or things happen by accident, which causes somebody else to stray off the path, which causes them a problem, and they are a little bit out of sync about where they want to go. So, the spirit will be able  to use our energy, to nudge these people back in the right direction.   So, it’s giving them emotional support, but also an understanding of which direction they must go in. Readings, one on one, do a very good job there, but imagine if we could do the same thing, without the person knowing, and just pass on the information that is needed, to help those people. Now, because the earth is changing, and this new era is coming along, a lot of things have to change as well. And it’s not just a matter of people experiencing new lessons and then changing, etc, they are getting a helping and a push from spirit, to make this change quicker. People still experience the right sort of things, for what they have chosen, but we are now able to give some energy to help spirit smooth the areas around us, to get things done, to make things more comfortable for people, so that everybody can progress a little bit quicker. 

Now, what can not be changed of course is karma, it’s what people choose. So when someone for instance is in dire straits and ask for help, we don’t just give it because they may have chosen to go through those dire straits, so they would experience. But where there are genuine errors that need fixing, those are the sort of things that we can do. Also plants, animals, etc. 

Looking at the healing side, getting people back to nature etc. It seems to be, it’s sort of not our forte. There’s not so much that we have to do on that particular level, because nature spirits and people who are learning on that level, … you’ve got 2 things, you have your human spiritual development and then you’ve got your nature on the other side. So there’s two forms of spiritual life, if you like. So, on the side where you’ve got the divas, the trees, rivers etc. a lot of that is looked after by spirit. Where they can help control the energy that moves around the earth. They control nature, and it’s pretty much a standard thing. The plants and trees don’t have to learn and experience, they are simply a food and life source, if you like. So, they don’t have to learn, develop and grow. They will naturally, but on a much slower level, and it’s just a simple progression of growing and dying. The nature spirits look after those and keep everything nice and tidy there. They also channel and move negative vibrations around the world, as we know, down the rivers, to the sea, clouds, rain etc. They move that around, so they help dissipate negative energy in particular areas. And on that side of it, we can be very helpful working with nature. So we could for instance go to an area where there is a lot of upset, peace marches or whatever and calm the energy. If that was what was needed. Maybe put into the minds of one side or the other, a better way of doing things. So things don’t escalate out of control. 

S: It makes so much sense, to get more done, faster. 

G: yes, now obviously this will be something that most people won’t understand. And they don’t need to understand. But there are several other organisations like you, or like the group you are about to form. Let’s say it’s just the 3 of you to start with, there are other groups around the world that you will eventually connect up with and work with, and again, it doesn’t have to be on a one on one connection basis, you are simply using thought. You share the energy and the energy can go to different places. For example in Ukraine now, and Russia, where that war is escalating, you could send your energy there, or we can send the energy through you, to that area, to a group over there, that will do what is necessary, at that particular level. 

Other groups are going to develop in different ways. And they are showing me art for some reason. Now these are the philanthropists, who donate money for various things, for the good of whatever. They give their money away, they fund new inventions, all sorts of things. They also need different forms of energy, because they may get to a stage where they’ve made so many billions and they don’t know how to give it away or they give it away the wrong way, or they think as we used to do, money cures everything. We can put into there, the understanding of what they need to do with the money, and how they need to do it, and just the simple thought, the way we think, they would be able to pick it up, and change. Their guides would work through us, to simply send energy to them. Because again, it has to be converted from spiritual energy to earth energy so it can be transferred. So a lot of the time, the two of you, will just be conduits for energy, which is going down and out to various places and people. And a lot of the time you won’t even know about it. But because of the level that you are at, and what you understand, it’s quite safe for you to do so. And safe for us to do, through you. 

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