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VALLEY IN THE FUTURE – AND MY NEXT LIFE    By SpiritualDictionary.com This is the end of a very unusual night of meditation. A Guide who last lived on Pluto has been channeling through Miriam, and showing me various forms of energy. January 1998. Geoff:     Alright, I will go to the top and start again. Now I am on top of a hill looking down at a valley, it is more or less in the same time, and I seem to be in a graveyard. There are wooden crosses on the ground….. some headstones but it is not very well looked after and I think this is because of peoples view – their view of death when people are buried here – no hang on … it is something else. Okay people understand more about life after death…… so when the physical body dies it is brought here and sort of buried and forgotten because people know there is no spirit there anymore, and they are more able to contact them through thought, so the physical body doesn’t mean anything anymore. Now they can be buried here, or they can be floated downstream and what they are showing me is that the fish can eat the dead body, and nobody minds because they know there is no soul in that body anymore ……..it was simply a physical vessel. Miriam (Guide) That’s right Geoff:     Now I can see myself and Verna (My wife) in this lifetime….. this is way in the future. Miriam (Guide) Oh yes, well into the future Geoff:     And I can see Verna and myself together in the same field Miriam (Guide) You only have two more lives like you are now, and that is the second one, I can tell you that. Geoff:     Oh that’s excellent. And the same for Verna…… good that is why we have been working so much together. Miriam (Guide) Oh you still have much to do together. Geoff:     This one is hard work, but a very, very happy life. The second one we are talking about is a longtime in the future. Miriam (Guide) Oh yes, a long time and I think it is a good time to finish Geoff:     Right, thank you and you are going to tell us just a little bit about yourself before we close. Miriam (Guide) I will, I am not like you, I am hoping in fact that you will get an impression of what I look like by the time I have finished speaking. I come from the far side of Pluto, a very desolate place, not inhabited by humans or anyone like them but when I say I come from…… I am now in spirit but that was my last home, and I am there frequently helping my companions to look for various things. The life I have, or had was for specific reason for the spirits, which is why I am constantly returning there to help the remainder complete the work that they have chosen to do. It is work that will be needed for the future, and we will be in contact with others like yourself. The form that I have and had in my last life will change according to the destination that I and my companions will be taken to or go into. We were in this area of Pluto after there was a great disturbance in that half of Pluto, and it was because it was so isolated from anywhere else that we were able to use this and travel backwards and forwards without being discovered. I have one more that I am in contact with like yourself, I have only just started, and this is my first visit here but I hope to return and I also hope to come to you at your own home. Geoff:     Thank you, that would be excellent… Miriam (Guide) I have been told where it is (South Africa) and of course it is not difficult for me to find. The other person with whom I am in contact with lives very near to you and it is hoped, I am sure you will get on well together….. with the work that both of you will be doing in the future…… and this of course includes your lady – wife. I don’t think I can tell you…….. I can tell you but I don’t think I should tell you any more of the work that we do yet, but I would be very pleased if you could get an impression of my appearance to you this evening. Geoff:     The main impression that I am getting is egg-shaped, clear, with like a purple liquid inside and it seems to be just mind. Miriam (Guide) Yes Geoff:     And I have had other odd, weird and wonderful shapes but that is the main thing that sticks out – just this mind of energy. Miriam (Guide) And have you not been learning about energy? Geoff:     Yes. Miriam (Guide) I did not have to come with a covering at all, but we thought that this would be better for you to have an idea of different ways that energy could be used. Geoff:     Yes, and a way to recognise you next time Miriam (Guide) Yes, for I will come to you in the same form, you do not need a name I have not got a name, but you will recognise me for your senses of seeing are developing so fast, faster than my other contact, but he also is doing very well, and I think by the beginning of next year you will be working together. Geoff:     Good, excellent. Miriam(Guide) For you both have agreed to, no I will not say anymore, but I am glad that you were able to get an impression of what I look like. And now this other young man, (Luke)  for he is young in comparison to me, will also perhaps hopefully be able to recognise me, I am sure I shall be calling again and telling you perhaps what I am doing or what I have been doing. Is there a question, I see questions but whether you would like to ask one or wait? Geoff:     The only question I was going to ask was when you started talking I got a headache, a very big headache and as if I had a more solid form, I just wondered if you knew of any reason? Miriam (Guide) Yes… Geoff:     There is always a reason, why did I feel this headache?… was it because I was feeling how you feel physically? Miriam (Guide) Yes Geoff:     I see Miriam (Guide) Is that not good? Geoff:     Yes I am learning. Miriam (Guide) You are learning and with learning it is not always a pleasure….. I remember from many, many years ago, one bangs their head against the wall (the saying) and it is worth it, because then you know in your heart that it will be worth it and you will get over it like everyone does, like being born and learning if its good or bad. Geoff:     Yes that’s right Miriam (Guide) But for your next life it will be very pleasurable. Geoff:     Good Miriam(Guide) But that life after that, which will be your last, will be hard but not too hard for you will be able to see the goals for which you are reaching for within your reach.  And the difficulties will be overcome by that expectation, and you will both have yourselves to comfort each other when you are feeling down, but that is not for a long, long time. And you will probably have forgotten all about it by then, but your next life will be extremely lucky and pleasurable, I think it is a question of buttering you up for the following life. Geoff:     Great, I like that Miriam(Guide) Then I shall say goodnight, and I will not say pleasant dreams – I have forgotten what dreams are about, but to the three of you here, blessing abound until we meet again. Geoff:     Thank you, and bless you.          

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