Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – I am in a cave and the cave has a very pointed roof and there is a shaft of light coming down from the top, and as it comes down it is getting wider and wider, the cave is all dark except for this light coming down and right in the center is this big mound of rock, which this light is shining on. And it is man-made, it is very, very old and it contains some link of huge importance inside, great importance. This is your memories, this is your medicine box, your energies and all sorts of things. You are not being taken there because they cannot bring you straight in and give this lot to you, and say “there, now you have got them all”. You have to be given a bit at a time because you have to be able to cope with the memories, you are building up more and more, and that is what I am here for, one of my main functions is to dish out these energies to you. (To Verna) There is so much in there, I can see things in there which there is no need for me to tell you about them at the moment, very big things, magical things, anyway that is the reason. I have taken all the rocks off, and what is inside is what looks like a rusty cylinder, the rust is an earth vibration imagination, because it is made of metal, and what is inside is black, but it is this beautiful black, shiny, got depth to it, very, very strong, the reason it is black, this thick black casing is because the energies inside don’t go through it. They are saying it is like armor plating to keep the energies there and made sure they are protected and safe for you. Verna – I can see the beautiful black, it is the first time I have seen black as beautiful. Geoff – There are many people in this cavern, and these people have watched over this from the day it was put there. You have been told before that your life… that you are going to be doing a lot of things in your life, I don’t think you have realised just how big these things are that you, and also I will do. They are very big. This has been looked after for a long time, and protected, for when we are ready to use some of the things, there is a gate keeper who recognises us, and he will let me go in and bring out something to be given to you. When I bring it out it won’t be given to you directly, it will be felt by all the people in this cavern and put into you slowly. Firstly so that they understand what has been used, and what additional powers you will have, and secondly to not give you too much of an energy shock at once. It has to go into your body evenly and comfortably. It is very similar to as we were discussing with John’s death the other day, where the physical and the spiritual have to match and be very well balanced and even. Being in meditation, your spiritual and physical is nicely balanced at the moment and it will be fed into you. Before we start give me your right hand, my right hand is very painful now with the energy going through, my physical body here will just be the physical link to transfer the energies to you. I will go inside now and do what has to be done, we will just carry on and see what happens, are you comfortable? Good. Why I get such a physical and emotional effect – the physical is the amount of energy being channeled through. Verna – I feel like my whole inside is changing. Geoff – What I took out of that cave was a blue stone, but a blue like you have never seen before. Verna – I can see it. Geoff (Channeling) – So strong and bright, and this you now have in you, this is teaching, teaching at a higher level, you have always been able to put across to the people what you mean through your heart, through doing it naturally, this will give you a higher level of teaching so that the people will respect your views more, it is not to say that they don’t at the moment, they will look at you with a greater respect and therefore listen more carefully, you must not change your way of thinking, you must not change your way of expressing to the people what you want to tell them, it must always come from the heart. But now when you talk from your heart, it will have more effect on people, this is what is meant by teaching, you will also be connected to far more teachers, who will give you the wisdom and guidance you need when you are stuck with a teaching problem, never for one moment think that you cannot because you can, you have links with so many that have devoted their teachings to help you teach. Verna – That is lovely. Geoff (Channeling) What you have inside you, this color will grow over the years, there is far more in this small stone than you can anticipate, can ever be. It will continue to expand inside you, it will continue to improve your teaching, and continue until you pass over in this lifetime, this is the first of the gifts and it is given with love and it is given because we know you have earned it, you can handle its properties as has been proved in many lifetimes before. Bless you my child, it is now yours. Verna – I can see that stone just beneath my solar plexus and it is the most beautiful color blue. And I thank you, both of you, and so do all the people I am going to come into contact with regarding teaching, sharing and giving.

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