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In this meditation I am being shown various adventures by an unknown Guide. He is channeling through Miriam – January 1998 Geoff –     I’ve gone straight onto something else which is a modern version of a Roman village, if that makes sense, there is a lot of , ah I know what it is……….this isn’t the future………..these are villages, but they are built with modern stone, not concrete and not steel. It is built out of stone, they learn how to build and manipulate stone a long time into the future, so they are showing me all these natural buildings…..but the people there have no cars, the people are much happier……there is a much nicer vibration, very open friendly vibration. There are lots of small trade shops, so it almost like going back a few centuries, back to Roman days except with a superior knowledge. Miriam (Guide) Which is what comes after a disaster Geoff –     Yes, so going back to nature and going back to people and each other, and sharing and giving and so on. There are animals there too, and the animals also have a different relationship, which is something I didn’t expect. It is as if the animals are closer to communicating……..right…… it brought that gap together, the change from animal to the first level of being human. Miriam (Guide) Being a sole single soul. Geoff –     Yes, it has brought it together, so they can understand humans far more and we can understand them far more, and therefore they can learn a little quicker. Therefore the work that they do, I am looking specifically at horses now, the work that they do does not need for instance bridles and reins and saddles and so on. Because you have got the communication, so they are far more intelligent and we have better communication with them. Now I walk around this village a little bit more and I can see the building are all single story, and they are very quaintly done, beautifully done, inside it all wood and carpets and wool, and the atmosphere is so much nicer. The doors are open, people can come and go, the atmosphere inside this particular house I am in, there is a family there and everybody is happy, difficult to describe, much happier but everything is, the vibrations are so much nicer because of the nature. Much, much nicer, even the sunshine coming in the windows and the roof feels so much better, the wood is all nicely polished and people have a far greater feeling for the material as if it were almost alive…..that is the way they view it, they have a lot more respect and love for the stone and the wood and …….. Miriam (Guide) ……..coming back to nature

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