Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


Miriam (Channeling) – Good evening friends. Luke – Good evening, welcome. Miriam (Channeling) – I am back again, and I have come because I was still in the area of your planet, to put right the beginning from where I come. My home is many, many galaxies away from yours. It is far beyond anything that your scientists and astrologers know about, we travel the world, I should say we travel through the different galaxies at different times, and this I did not put on the first tape in order to assess the situation that your world is experiencing at this time. As I said before, from the whole of creation down to your level of vibration, there are different circles of power that unite to try to stabilize all of creation for the negative forces that are always there and must never, never become too strong. You in your circle with whom you are in contact spiritually and bodily unite and are asked now to unite further at one time so that your prayers for peace will be more united. It is like asking all the flashlights around the world to be switched on at one time instead of spasmodically one by one, and that does not have such a powerful effect, do you understand? Luke – Yes. Miriam (Channeling) – Going up from your level there are more powerful circles still that give help to the spirits with whom you are in contact, for they need the strength that we give the strength to them that they may give it to you, this continues for quite some time, until it reaches us that is quite a long way from you, but still not the utmost power that stems from creation. We are evolved such that we do not need a physical body such as yours, we survive by mental energy plus one other, which it would be useless for me to describe to you for you would not understand. Because of this mental power I can best describe what we look like as very thin small people about four of your feet, but with larger oval shaped heads. Many people have visualised what we are like, and this has been given to them as they travel in astral and beyond. We undertake to stay on this particular planet for about five hundred of your years. We do not count time in days or years but in events that happen because it is the events that happen that allow us to assess what needs doing and to continue our program. Are you following me now? Luke – Yes. Miriam (Channeling) – Good, because I would like, we would like as many of your friends of like mind to listen to this tape, and I understand you are trying to work out a time in which all can put their mind to prayer on a daily basis. We are working on it and you will be guided as to who to contact or how you will get this time. It will start as soon as you can and grow as the word expands to others. Until eventually we hope it will encircle the world. Many times this will go around in different locations until the whole world shall be covered at this particular time like a spider’s web. The name of our planet we call Erm, that is not quite correct but it is the nearest I can give you in your language. I know you asked for my name before but we do not have names and you will always know me if and when I return, as others also will know me. It was fortunate that I have not left your galaxy for my next destination would have been beyond your reach for some time to come. We are now entering into the second phase of the cleansing of the galaxies, not just yours, but others also. From the beginning of time this has happened, and I think I explained to you before, it was never a case of going back to the very beginning, but something like three steps forward and two steps back. So at each cleansing we are that much nearer to the beginning of creation. Many of you when passing over wish to enjoy, I will not say the fruits of your labor, but wish to enjoy the beauties and the joys that are to come before making any decisions. Many who stay in that vibration, some because they have no wish to proceed but will eventually help either those who have just passed over, those who are learning, or as your guides do help those who are still mortal. Not just on your planet but on many others, they help below the creatures that are there, they help within the bowels of the earth, and within the other planets, they help those who are in transition from one vibration to another. Those of you who wish to continue on the spiritual development will not find it easy to begin with, but like all learning the more one learns then the easier the second step shall be. You have been told of the first seven vibrations, there are seven more of these vibrations, but with a much longer period in between, perhaps that will give you an idea of the beginning of creation in length of your years, do you think it would? Luke – Yes, I think so. Miriam (Channeling) – And I can still remember how very, very small I felt when I was told this very same thing, so many, many years ago, and the number of time that I said yes and proceeded so far and then fell back those two steps. I cannot explain to you the rewards, you just could not comprehend in any way, the feeling that we have for there is nothing within you at the moment that could describe how we feel. I can only say, silly it may seem, but it is just out of this world, as you would say of something which is beyond your comprehension then so do we, but the worlds are so much further apart. I have no regrets about the times that I fell back, because I gained so much more knowledge while waiting to take those next few steps. It is not just a question of conquering emotions for that is something that you do much, much earlier, it is not even, the biggest feeling with me, and I think a lot of people to conquer is fear, not fear of something dreadful, not fear of anything that is going to happen, but for myself a fear that I would not only let myself down but others also. And it took me a long, long time to conquer that fear. After our period of time of sending out the energy further down to lower vibrations, when we begin to feel that something is not quite right, we must be replaced and travel to assess the problems. It is a bit like the manager going down to the foreman and so on down the line for each one to find out where the difficulty is and how best they can be repaired, renewed or conquered. When the transition from the upheaval to peace is finally accomplished, long passed the time when you will have passed over into spirit, it is such a beautiful time that for many of us, it is like having a holiday. Not that the work we do ceases but it does lessen in strength, for it is not needed, but as the top must continually be spun to keep up the vibrations, then we must continue to give out the power to help that spinning. My friends I am so happy to have been able to come back and I hope that this tape has succeeded where the other one did not completely. I wish you well in all that you decide to do with the rest of your lives, know only that you are well guided and have so many, many friends and relations who are always with you when they are able from whatever tasks they are doing, I do not think that there are any of them that are idle for any length of time. May all power be with you as you continue as I know you will. Luke – Thank you. Miriam (Channeling) – And from the light up high, down to you and yours I send blessings, and the greatest of these is love and compassion. Luke – Bless you. Miriam (Channeling) – I will say no more now friend, but leave you with this tape as it is. Luke – I hope you come again, you are always welcome. Miriam (Channeling) – I know we always are, which is why I came tonight I don’t think that your lady was quite up to it, but she is always willing. Luke – Bless you. Miriam (Gladys) – Well, aren’t you the lucky one, this is Gladys. Luke – Welcome Gladys, yes we are. Miriam (Gladys) – I heard what you said earlier, that you were so sorry that half the tape had not taken, and we put out the word that if possible it could be re-taped because of the fact that we wish this to be heard by so many people, a very good relaxing time for you tomorrow to make more tapes, it must not be a strenuous day. I notice that on many of your programs on your television, that spiritualism is being talked about in its different ways, and that is a deliberate thing, that we do our best to see that a spiritualist can help those who are making the programs. Not necessarily that they know but putting the idea to them when they are asleep, many, many things are done like this and although they do remember when they awaken, the idea is pushed because they, although they do not know it, their channels are kept open for this very reason. It is a very good means of being in contact with a great many people. We know that many laugh and say how crazy, but we also know that many take it as confirmation of something that they have known of for some time, perhaps needed that confirmation, that reassurance, or like yourselves known and noticing how it is spreading. It must spread in all the ways that it can, it must spread. So many people in different religions will fight and argue that they are superior and really, they are only different. But they must learn to live in peace, they must learn compassion, they must learn to understand that what each person is doing is karma, whether they are conquering their karma, or fulfilling their destiny, or making the same mistake that they made in another life, the choice is theirs, we can only guide to a certain degree. Weep not too much for those who trouble, but instead send lots and lots of love, it is a much more powerful gift to give than pity, and we can direct that love to where it is needed the most. I think that will be enough to put on this tape that has to be heard. I say goodnight my children, and God bless you. Luke – Bless you and thank you.  

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