Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



This was an amazing experience. I am astral traveling with a guide called Abdul, who is channeling through Miriam. We are traveling through different dimensions and I am being shown more and more of how the spiritual side works. This is one that you will find very hard to believe – you can only really believe it when you experience it yourself. Geoff:  Now I’ve come to a wall and this wall is made of rock – behind it is molten rock and it’s bursting with energy trying to get through.  Parts of this wall have come unstuck and energy is pouring through it like lava from a volcano.  I think this is stored energy but I’ll go inside and see.  It’s a very, extremely high energy, very volatile energy, just like molten lava, its white hot in places. I’m getting a couple of different things here, I’m getting something to do with a lot of boats because there are life rafts and there’s old timber Galleons and so on.  It’s inside all of this energy.  It keep coming and going.  They are showing me that things don’t have to make sense.  (I can’t even explain it).  Let me just try and tell you…  All this energy seems to be inside a wooden Galleon.  There’s an old sort of sailor there, looking after all this energy and what he’s saying is – he doesn’t have to be an extremely high spirit with fantastic surroundings to look after this energy.  He can do it with whatever surroundings he wants.  And today he wants to be inside an old wooden Galleon and so that’s it.  So don’t expect because they are highly developed that everything they do is highly developed, they play, the same as we do.  He’s doing that just to show me the difference. So, he looks after this energy, which I’m going to ask what the energy is used for.  So I go into the energy and it’s sort of exploding outwards and I’m going out with it and as I get to looking down on the Universe, this energy starts to split up and go in different directions.  I’ll keep going with it.  It’s like traveling light years, huge distances, so there’s only so much of this energy left.  And now there’s only one piece of energy and I’m traveling with that and it goes to a certain planet and instead of impacting on the planet, it circles around the planet and forms a ring of energy.   This is the energy of life!!! Abdul (Miriam):   Yes! Geoff:  Fantastic.  This planet is dead.  Stone cold.  It’s dead.  It’s got this circle, this energy of life around it.  The planet, from here, looks like its dry desert where it’s cracked, you can see the cracks all over etc. This ring is now starting to open out.  It looked like a band completely around the planet and now this band is getting wider, it’s going right to the top and right to the bottom, so now the planet is completely enclosed inside this energy.  Then the energy starts to filter down towards the planet.  It gets finer and finer.  When it gets to the planet’s surface and it goes through the planet all the way from the surface to the center – it makes everything alive.  It starts everything growing.  Then this energy collects right in the center of this planet and it stays there and starts to multiply and ‘live.’ The surface of the planet and beneath the planet now has life and it will start to progress the same as Earth did millions of years ago. Abdul (Miriam):   Isn’t that wonderful Geoff:  It’s absolutely amazing.   You know, I can see it for a fact, there’s no ifs or buts’ – it’s just amazing that I can see and experience things at this level.  It’s just absolutely incredible. That planet will take millions of Earth years to develop and it will develop the same way that Earth did.  More or less. Abdul (Miriam):   Yes. Geoff:  But going back to that energy of life.  I’m going right back to the beginning again to where this energy is created.  And the person creating the energy is God. Abdul (Miriam):  Yes.  Now you never thought you’d see ‘that’ tonight. Geoff:  Never in a million years.  (laughs).  And that’s why he showed me in the beginning that he just wanted to be a sailor that day.  It’s symbolic.  I’m getting the understanding, he’s showing me in a way I can say it verbally and put it on tape but I… Abdul (Miriam):  You’re feeling it. Geoff:  Yes, I can understand it fully.  There’s no way you can explain that whole lot in a few minutes. Abdul (Miriam):   Well, we did say we would bring you something different tonight, and tomorrow. Geoff:  (Laughs) Abdul (Miriam):   But that is not what you expected. Geoff:  No!  That was quite incredible. Now, there’s a little more to it.  If I can explain what I see.  What’s he’s showing me is how life begins.  I have an understanding which I couldn’t possible say or try and interpret the understanding I have of the relationship between God and life.  But I do understand it an awful lot more and it will change the way I think from this day onwards.  But surrounding him are so many other lights and vibrations and so on which I’m not allowed to feel at this stage because it’s far too emotional for one thing, but there’s no way I could cope because I haven’t developed that far –  and it’s way, way into the future. Abdul (Miriam):  But you’re very privileged to have seen what you’ve seen tonight. Geoff:  Without a doubt.  Absolutely incredible.  Okay, now that is fading out. That was quite fantastic.  Now I just wonder if we have anything better than that!  (laughing). Abdul (Miriam):   I think you have a little something to come yet.

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