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In this meditation, I am being shown the lesson through the third eye, and a Guide called Mr Wu is channeling through Miriam. Geoff: I’m in some form of church or sanctuary. In front of me is a circular well with high sides. It has walls- sort of manmade, because the sides are exactly the same. It seems to be- what this is, is a well. I’ve looked inside – there’s water there and sort of in two parts. Part of it is red, and part of it is clear. It has something to do with truth or clarity. If you are unsure of something you come to this place. It somehow tells you if what you thought or heard or decided or whatever is truth or not. It clarifies the question that was asked or whatever. Miriam (Mr Wu) You are quite right. This is Mr. Wu speaking tonight. Geoff: You must have heard my question. Miriam (Mr Wu) You can answer it yourself… Never hesitate to ask your higher self for help if you are in any difficulty. Geoff: I must just check on how it works. It asked about something we didn’t know yesterday and this well bubbled a lot and the water was very clear. I’m just trying to work out whether that was a yes or no. I’m trying something else. It seems that this well – you ask a question for clarity – it responds in the form of bubbling – it’s either white or red- and white is yes and red is no. Miriam (Mr Wu) That is right. Geoff: Good. That is very useful…. Miriam (Mr Wu) I said you could answer it. Geoff: You could ask a lot of questions here, but it wouldn’t be wise to ask the questions we aren’t supposed to. Miriam (Mr Wu) No – it would not move if you asked too many of the wrong thing. Geoff: Yes. Will I be able to come and visit this when I need to? Miriam (Mr Wu) Not always. You can ask for permission and if it is the right time then you will be granted that. If not, you will not see it.



















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