Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



How do you perceive an Angel to be? Golden wings, a halo and floating on a cloud? When you are in the next dimension (Heaven) then you do not need a physical body. Everything is done by thought. You think of yourself, say in Denims and T-shirt and that will be the way you look. A Spirit can show themselves any way that they wish, and that depends on the circumstances. Let’s say that a friend of mine died recently at the age of 50, but I last saw him at the age of 20. He will show himself to me as a 20-yr. old, so that I will recognise him. If someone else is there who last saw him at the age of 50, he will show himself to them as a 50-yr. old. Also he can show himself to both people at the same time, as both ages. They do this simply for recognition. Makes sense doesn’t it. An Angel is just a highly evolved Spirit that works on a higher vibration than your Guides (in most cases) Normally they have finished their physical lives on Earth, and now work on a ‘mental’ plane. Angels have a high vibration, so that when you meet them say, in meditation, you will sense the higher vibration, and you may physically feel a lot hotter too because of the energy that they project. Angels also bring a tremendous amount of love. Because they are so advanced, their unconditional love for all is much stronger and you will be able to feel and sense this. Angels and Arch-Angels are terms that ‘we’ created for what we know as ‘Higher evolved Spirits’ and they just go along with it for our sakes.

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