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WHAT ARE LIFE CYCLES?   By SpiritualDictionary.com 

What we call Cavemen existed around 4 million years ago……then disappeared Then again, a different species around 1.5-2 million years ago…then disappeared And lastly around 300 000 years ago. These are called life cycles, and there have been many more than these 3. When God created life, that life was given free will to evolve on its own. Let’s liken that to a gardener planting a garden. The garden grows, but without maintenance will become over-run with weeds in no time at all. Some plants learn to resist weeds, and some do not. When the garden needs to be re- planted the gardener will take the good plants and plant elsewhere, remove the weeds, and start again. A novice Gardner would make a better job of it the second time around, and improve in every garden that he plants thereafter. With our current life cycle here, the garden is becoming very overgrown with weeds, and very soon many weeds will be removed to make room for the good plants to grow and expand. This is the best way that I can explain life cycles. God created us so that we could experience ALL, and that means that sometimes we have to be the weeds too. As a life cycle gets out of control (As in Atlantis) it is ‘re-planted’ So there are life-cycles here on Earth, on other planets, and in other dimensions. A huge Nursery to cater for all plants and all conditions. As in any form of management there is a hierarchy, with GOD at the top. (Although God is part of everyone, this is the easiest way to explain this one) So who looks after Earth? To simplify it let’s say that there is just one ‘Gardner’ You have a life Guide that looks after you. There is a Guide that looks after the community that you live in, and another that looks after the Country you live in. And one that looks after the whole planet, and so the hierarchy goes on right up to the top. Let’s say that Bill Clinton is running a whole Country for the first time? He will gain experience from it, and only after he has gained experience can he progress and evolve. You have to gain experience at lower levels to be able to progress and evolve, and we are all evolving at our own speed. Hitler was an advanced soul who chose his lessons and make a complete mess of what he intended to do. (See articles on channelings by Hitler) but millions of others learnt lessons at the same time, both good and bad. Several years ago Verna and I were traveling through South West Africa when we stopped at a stony outcrop in the middle of the desert. We tuned-in to an old memory rod there from several life cycles ago. We saw the people who were a bit like stick-men, more than 2 meters tall and very thin. The next nearest village was over 100 miles away across the desert, so that it was very rare that they had any contact with anyone outside of their village. Occasionally there were the adventurous ones who would set out on a journey to explore. Those that did make the next village rarely returned, as crossing 100 miles of desert is quite a feat. So there was very little news of their outside world, and a lot of myths and legends were created as to what was out there.  

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