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WHEELCHAIR VICTIM – BY SpiritualDictionary.com In this meditation, a guide called Iffy is channeling through Miriam. Miriam (Iffy) – You were a little late, so we sent the first person to another group, they are not far away. They are bringing a young man in now, this is a young man whose wheelchair has collapsed and distorted his legs again, not a very big job but it is all good practice for you. And it is something that can be done without causing much comment, which is what we want you to do for the time being. It is not always easy to have an accident happen right at the precise moment we want, this young man is as energetic as he can be, and he is concussed at the moment, but he was just a bit too energetic and went crashing into the wall. They are lifting him out now of his chair, disentangling him, I rather think the young man (Geoff) can see some of him. Geoff – Yes Miriam (Iffy) – He is not in pain because he is paralyzed from the waist down, but the fact that his legs are twisted will make it more uncomfortable and awkward for him to be in his chair, unless we straighten them, perhaps the young man can have a go. Geoff – Well I can see his hips twisted, not just his legs. Miriam (Iffy) – Because if you can work together, it will be so much better, the pair of you. Geoff – I can see they have laid him on the ground, and looking down, his hip is twisted to the right and we need to put one hand on each hip and just turn it anti clockwise a little bit to straighten it out, if that is done then the knees, both knees are pointed towards his left, our right, and slightly curled. Miriam (Iffy) – That is excellent. Geoff – Now what we need to do is straighten the legs downwards and he will look normal again. Miriam (Iffy) – Can you feel that the legs are wasted? But the body above is powerful. Geoff – Yes Miriam (Iffy) – It is so much more of an advantage when you can see. Verna – I have a very strong feeling I would like to ask you about. Miriam (Iffy) – Yes Verna – I have a feeling that this fall is going to unblock one of the blockages, and he is going to be able to feel the one leg, first I thought it was his arm, but now I can see that he will get the feeling back in his left leg. Miriam (Iffy) – How right you are! That is right! He will, and it will make a tremendous difference, but it will take some time. Verna – In fact he might even walk again, having one leg that he can use, with a stirrup thing on the other. Miriam (Iffy) – That is so, if he will accept that what is happening is not his imagination, then he will be able to walk again, with difficulties, but at least it is better than being in the chair, and he has the strength now in his arms to help him. But you are quite right, it moved a bone that was pressing on nerves and veins and all the tissues were in the wrong place. And it will be a big help, but he is going to be very difficult to convince that it is not his imagination. Verna – But this is truly God’s work because doctors are not going to understand this either. Miriam (Iffy) – That is it. Verna – His doctors have been so emphatic that he will never walk again that they will not encourage him to walk, he is going to have to do it all on his own. Miriam (Iffy) – That is true, for as you know when anything first happens like that, it takes a lot of convincing that there is no feeling there, they always sort of hope that it will come, and finally they have to accept that they are wheelchair bound, and now it has to be reversed. But he will get a lot of help, and it will happen, it will just take that little bit longer. Verna – That is wonderful. Miriam (Iffy) – That was very good from both of you, they are taking him away now. And he is going to be so grateful. We are not going to bring anyone else tonight, in fact they have asked, they have suggested, that you do as you did before when you are very tired, and for both of you to draw on the energy that has been left, inhale it within you on this white light, take it in and keep it within you and for you young man to surround yourself with the white light to keep it within you as long as you can. Imagine it coming in just as a stream, this is another, I am not sure if you had white light before, but a few were talking about colours, it is not always blue for healing, this white light is very spiritual and it is mostly to calm down, to replenish as much as you can, we know what is in your brain, we know what is inside both of you, but we would never tell you anything from someone else. And when you go to sleep tonight, think again of the white light, drawing it in right down through the system, both of you and covering you up like a white bubble. And we are sure you will feel so much better in the morning. Verna – Thank you Geoff – Thank you Miriam (Iffy) – You will not go far in astral tonight, but you will be taken, both of you to a healing place with your bubble. Your white casing, where there will be some knowledge given to you that will help you to quieten the brain. I can say no more than that. We thank you all for the work and power that you give and once again we must ask that you send out loving thoughts, healing thoughts and so much love that we can gather it up for there are so many tragedies to come and we must collect as much as we can. I leave you now to send out those thoughts.

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