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WHO AM I?  By Verna Hindmarch

First and foremost you are a Spiritual Soul. A soul incarnated into this lifetime to go on a journey. This journey is one you chose to travel so that you may enhance and create your soul into a more perfect state. The soul chooses a physical body state to help it live this life and to achieve whatever path of knowledge you have chosen – a path leading you to a higher place of love, understanding, compassion and kindness. You are part of God, as are we all, and as you are further creating your soul, so you are doing God’s work and so the work of the entire universe. You do make a difference! Each one of us is connected to the other and – we are all from the same energy and all energy put out into the universe creates an energy field that can change the patterns around us. Energy can be transformed, but not destroyed.


You are part of a family on earth; you have grandparents, parents, maybe siblings, then a partner to create the family of your own. Your children create their family and the part you have played as a parent effects the parental behavior of your children. The energy travels down the chain, changing as ideals and beliefs continue to change with evolvement. In the same way that the influences and experiences from way back into your ancestral past effects who you are now due to influences down the eternal family chain, so it is in the spiritual sense.


Nothing is new! All is an evolvement of God’s creation. Your soul has been on many journeys of knowledge and now it is on this one. Your soul is here for you to evolve and you are your first priority in life.

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