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WHO IS MY SOUL MATE?  By Verna Hindmarch

We incarnate in each lifetime to create ourselves – to become the person we would truly love to be. Finding a soul mate is a wonderful experience – it took me a long time to find myself, and so it took me a long time to find my true soul mate. Open yourself up to be loved and to love completely (both yourself and your partner). Know that you are worthy of being loved – by yourself and your partner. We are never quite sure of the journey our souls are taking in this lifetime, but there is love for you out there – your soul knows that! Make sure that your need for this soul mate to appear to you is not due to an energy you NEED from them – but simply to love someone and to share with someone all the beautiful pleasures of life. A relationship is a partnership of two souls – not having to „belong’ to each other, or to „need’ anything from each other, but simply to WANT to be together. Giving specifics (like where to go and what to do) for you to meet your soul mate is impossible.
So I say this:
‘Ask and ye shall receive.’ Go within yourself – in silence, like meditation or prayer. Take a look at your deepest self. What is in there that you have to attract your soul mate to you? What can you change to be drawn to him\her? Everything is energy – like when you go into a room full of people and you instinctively know that you dislike or like someone before you even meet them. So just be you. When you find your soul mate you will know, there will be no doubt.

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