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Why the weather is so extreme

Why the weather is so extreme.
Most places in the World are experiencing abnormal weather – it is well out of balance.
One of the functions of Nature is to balance out the Earths energy. Last year was full of extreme energies and a lot more than normal negative energy was created due to Covid and its repercussions.
Negative energy is drawn into water in the Earth, then into rivers and eventually to the sea where it rises to become rainclouds, and is then dispersed (watered-down?) back into the Earth. I know what you are thinking “So why does it rain at sea?”….if it didn’t then only positive energy would gather at sea and continue to get stronger and stronger – and then it would be out of balance.
So what about deserts? No rain means no life (to interfere with) and deserts become storage areas for positive energy. Think of the thousands of square miles of uniform grains of sand – just the opposite of thousands of miles of uniform molecules of water.
Positive energy is stored above the ground in deserts (where just the occasional plane flies)
Negative energy is stored deep in the Ocean (where just the occasional submarine goes)
Where do you go when you feel out of sorts? A walk in the Country, sit under a tree, sit beside a river, a day at sea – all will subtly draw negative energy out of you.
A forest is one of nature’s group energies – it draws in carbon-dioxide and replaces it with Oxygen – a City is the opposite, it uses Oxygen and creates carbon-dioxide.
Looking upwards the air gets thinner and vibrations lighter – look downwards the air gets thicker and the vibrations heavier.
Snow slows things down, ice makes you more careful, and locusts, Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis and Hurricanes all have their place in Natures balancing act.
Who controls all of this? Nature is managed by Divas – tiny nature spirits that work with a group energy, and a group communications system – a thought given to one is picked up by all in the group. A group message can be passed on to another group. Divas don’t have to stop and think what to do next, they are designed to make decisions based on the experiences that they have had PLUS all the experiences passed down from one generation to the next all the way from day one, so they are well experienced in looking after the Earth. Divas don’t have to think a lot, they just enjoy what they do because it feels right and that creates a well balanced energy………………very nice.
They create positive energy when it is needed too – a field of flowers, snow capped mountains, buds closing at sunset and opening with the dawn.
The process is therefore “automated” the same as we are – and as all life is – we come here to experience, to grow and to understand life.
If we all loved one another on a specific day then the weather everywhere would be perfect.

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