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In this meditation we are learning about group energies. A guide called White feather is channeling through Miriam. Geoff: Now I’ve gone to a place.  I can see a stone wall. Two big pillars either side and a square plaque in the middle.  It’s some form of memorial.  And again, it has a very nice feeling.  The memorial doesn’t seem to have an entrance. White feather (Miriam): Well it has, but you have to look very closely.   Or rather, you have to work out how you get in. Geoff: Mmm.  It’s hollow.  You’ve got to get in through the Earth, underneath.  Through the actual Earth itself, there are no passages.  Inside………..Now I think this is symbolic isn’t it ? White feather (Miriam): Yes, it is. Geoff: It’s not an actual ‘thing’.  Okay now, this is energy from the Earth, which is collected at a central point.  The energy throughout the Earth is very soft but very strong.  The individual energy is very soft but because there are such vast amounts of it, it can be very, very powerful.  And it sort of flows all the time, backwards and forwards.  The thing I was looking at is like a collection point where you can tap the energy from.  And this would be mountain ranges.  So, if we wanted a vast amount of Earth energy, instead of going down in to the Earth you would actually go to a mountain range and draw the energy direct from there. White feather (Miriam): Yes, you would. Geoff: The Earth energy that you would use would then be thrown downwards onto the Earth.  The Earth energy of, for instance hurricanes, a hurricane is a strong wind which you assume starts with the air the clouds etc. but it doesn’t – it’s part of Earth energy, it comes from beneath the ground.  That Earth energy is sent out and starts to create that hurricane, it’s like a thought form of energy. White feather (Miriam): Yes, it is. Geoff: And the energy is vast in the Earth.  There’s an unlimited amount of this huge energy, so when the time comes, the chosen spirits or groups or whatever, can create these massive hurricanes, tidal waves, whatever they want to, to clean areas of the Earth. White feather (Miriam): Yes. Geoff: Now that is a – I’ve seen the difference in a spiritual vibration and an Earth vibration because spirit can’t really do it on their own, normally they would have to go through a medium to change it to an Earth vibration, but in this case the – well, we normally talk about Earth vibration, so this is now a “beneath the Earth vibration” – a World vibration, for want of a better word.  And it can be used by spirit because of the type of energy it is.  It’s not a physical, what we would term Earth vibration, would be physical, it is not, it’s an energy that can be controlled through thought. White feather (Miriam): Yes.  I think we can let you have one more, if you wish. Geoff: Yes, just getting warmed up here. White feather (Miriam): And then, I must depart. Geoff: Okay.

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