Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation a Guide called White Feather is channeling through Miriam – and showing me various forms of energy. January 1998 Geoff:     What I am seeing now resembles……I don’t know, an industrial spinning wheel…. I can see lots of yarns spinning on bits of metal, a bit like you would see in a carpet manufacturing business. There is a big circle of them and all this wool is being taken off – it is all yellow, for some reason. Miriam(White Feather)    Yes, but why Geoff:     Yellow is communication, isn’t it? Miriam(White Feather)    Yes Geoff:     So again it’s symbolic, it’s group minds, the wool is the individuals, individual people, and when it is mixed or bound together then it becomes a group mind, not quite right? Miriam (White Feather)    Yes, that is right Geoff:     Okay, so its links……. let’s say I had to connect for the first time to somebody else in a different area, that establishes a link and that link now becomes part of the whole carpet of communications. So each individual…. I would link onto one or two people and they would link into one or two others. But we could think and could move energy as a group mind. Miriam(White Feather)    You, could yes Geoff:     Now the decision to move energy for a specific purpose would have to be made not so much by an individual but by the group mind. Like the majority would have to agree to it. Miriam(White Feather)    But there is something else there Geoff:     I can see it continually coming off, and it ends up like a thick rope, and it’s just going on and on. Miriam(White Feather)    You’ve almost got it Geoff:     The rope seems to be extending up into the stars, oh so it’s a connection, right? Miriam(White Feather)    That’s it  – yes Geoff:     It’s a connection between spirit and the people. Right.? Miriam(White Feather)    That is what I wanted you to see. Geoff:     Okay. Now there is….. in time I am just trying to think ahead what would happen. If you had a whole group of these people, in time they start to cross over and they become spirit but the connection would still be there, wouldn’t it? Miriam(White Feather)    Yes Geoff:     Right, so the longer this group goes on, the stronger it becomes, or the more wisdom the group will have. Miriam(White Feather)    Which makes it look thicker. Geoff:     Yes, because it gains wisdom all the time and that wisdom is not lost because it is kept in the group. So it becomes wiser and therefore can make the better decisions. Miriam(White Feather)    Yes, and always there is an overseer, (Gardner is another name) once you start these sessions to make sure you are doing it right. Geoff:     Right Miriam(White Feather)    Not to interfere, just to be there Geoff:     Yes, so I think what will happen is circles will start to get together and expand and form a group, but there will be lots, hundreds of these groups all over. And they will grow and progress and expand but when one group links to another group then it can become……. it will be two individual groups, but plus it will be a larger group, so you can communicate with your own group, or with the two groups together. And eventually more will join in and as more join it becomes stronger and therefore can make wiser decisions. Miriam (White Feather)   Yes, that is the answer Geoff: Right. That is very good.

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