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YOUNG BOY IN WHEELCHAIR – HEALING INFECTION –1990   By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation Grey Wolf channels through Miriam. Geoff – I have two people, a boy in a wheelchair, who has lost half a leg and he is over to the right, and he is sort of in the background and in front of me I have a type of monk, I think, no he is not, he is a very big man, he comes from a simple background, and he has been seeking spiritualism for many, many years and there has been nobody to teach him. His higher self is here tonight, and for the first time his physical will remember this circle as an event in astral travel, it is his first link with what he has been seeking. He is advanced in many ways, but has not yet made contact with spiritual people, especially not something that he can really believe. In future meditations this higher self will come back and talk to us and through us, the higher self can talk through you he says so. And that is really all, he will stay until the end of the circle and then go back and the physical will remember tomorrow that it had been astral traveling and was introduced to this circle amongst other things, and he gives thanks and stands back so that the boy in the wheelchair can come forward. He has lost his right leg just below the knee, but above the knee and surrounding it there is infection. His left leg is straight out in front of him and it is also infected, it is like gangrene. I am getting instruments, the instruments, yes his feet were damaged in some way and the instruments used to treat his feet were not properly sterile, and this infection was put in but he lives in an area where there are not many doctors and his family or friends do not realize how serious it is and they are trying to sure it through ordinary primitive methods which will not work. To remove the infection is fairly straight forward, if Luke grabs his left leg, which is the one that is missing, just above the knee and circles the whole thigh with his hands, and just pulls down towards him the blackness, which is infection, will slowly seep put and disappear from the leg, which must be done several times. And it will be replaced with a creamy color, which is first of all to stop the pain and secondly to sterilize, so you continue with the left leg Luke, and I will work with the right, just work downwards and pull all the infection down into the feet and replace with a cream coloured substance which spirit has given to us. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – And I will also use the spiritual water, this is Grey Wolf and I have been listening with interest at the progress that you are making. But I have to add my little bit. Verna – Welcome. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – It is my pleasure. But continue you are doing so well. Geoff – Thank you and the spiritual water is to be used how, to put on…. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – To wash away some of the infection. Geoff – Okay, well Luke is down right at the end, and I am almost done at the right leg, and he must when you get the last bit out Luke, you must seal the end, when you see that last pieces of black come out, followed by this cream color and then the end is sealed, so the skin starts to grown together, very healthily, very clean, and I will do the same thing with the foot. Now it needs only a little sealing and the blackness disappears into the atmosphere and nobody will be any the wiser, they will think they have cured it themselves through their own methods. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – And is not faith a good thing to have? For is not faith always or nearly always tempered with help from this side? But they do not know. Geoff – Yes. And I think that is all we have, apart from a question for Grey Wolf. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – I thought I was going to get away from it, but ask your question by all means, I will not say that I will answer. Geoff – This is a simple one for you, on Thursday nights we do healing which is very high powered, if you like, very strong healing, and yet when we try and heal each other in the physical now, we cannot see positive results, only small minor things, is there a reason, and will it improve. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – That is right, it will improve definitely, but you were told last week I think that it is not always essential that you will be cured of any ailments that you have, for sometimes it is put to you that perhaps you are not doing the right things by eating, drinking or exercising properly, and if you could cure yourself each time by your own efforts then you would not correct these things, I am not saying that that is the cause now, but there are some of the reasons why you do not always have a complete recovery as soon as you would wish. Does that answer your question? Geoff – Yes that actually makes a lot of sense, and also would explain why I could stop that wasp sting, but something else in the infection that I have in my blood, I mean that has been going on for years and I have tried to cure it, so I assume that must be karma. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – It is, it is karma, I will tell you that, but not a bad karma, but it is karma. I wish I could put my arms around you and give you all the energy and make you completely well, but it is not to be, you have nothing really serious wrong with you at the moment, when you think of all the other people who come to you, and you must, as I say, take note of your diet, and you are not getting enough exercise young man. Not by any means, and that will help, it will help your circulation, so why don’t you take your bicycle and go to work on your bicycles, it is not too far from here for two young people. Geoff – That is an idea, true. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – Now you think about that, because that gives you a lot of exercise without too much trouble. Geoff – Yes it does. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – But I would now like to thank you for all the work that you are doing, it is tremendous, and there are many, many groups like you, who will one day unite for some tremendous good, not for a while, not for a long while, but it will come, and it is for this that you are being prepared, it is a big task, but it is one that will be essential. And now I give you my blessings, and when you go to bed at night would you wrap yourselves around with a blue blanket and take that into your minds, and do please get the exercise that you need, it clears the brain as well as everything else. Geoff – True, and the blue blanket, what is that for? Miriam (Grey Wolf) – The blue blanket is to help you, not to cure you completely, but to give you some relief, now good night my children, and I shall be back again, for I have been floating around this area quite a bit lately, as this lady will tell you. I have even been popping in and watching the stupid things that they have on your box (Television) well sometimes they have good things like the animals, but we laugh and we laugh and think well did we ever watch anything like that, but no it was not on the earth when we were here, but we do have our plays and theatres where we are but of course we have no difficulty in learning our lines. It comes quite easy and we can also change completely into the character that we are playing. And we sometimes make mistakes deliberately for the children, and we have a lot of fun and they will come and correct us and say “but you should have done something different because that is what it says in my book”. And that is also how we help to teach them, and tonight I have been trying to learn Welsh with someone, which is why I am trying to practice my accent. So I am going back into the character to see if I can improve it a little bit. (Laughter) Geoff – Right, now just before you go there is one more thing that would help very much. Would you just explain what happened when Verna took the young girl across? Miriam (Grey Wolf) – Ah, as you said earlier, there were many evil entities who wished to take her soul, for she has had a very bad karma, but thanks to you that was avoided, but they were around and they were tormenting Verna, they were trying but she was well surrounded with love, does that give you an inkling of what she went through? Geoff – Yes, but she rose and coming down again was difficult, what was happening there? Miriam (Grey Wolf) – Yes, it was partly trance, not completely, but partly, an out of body experience mixed together, but because of the evil that was around, she was surrounded by a blanket of love, not a very pleasant experience until you know what was happening. Verna – I never felt any fear, except for one stage I wanted you to just get me down, but then I think that was when we got rid of the bubble. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – But you did very well, very well indeed. Verna – I am grateful for the experience, it was wonderful. Miriam (Grey Wolf) – Any experience, good or bad, that brings you in closer contact with spirit is much to be valued.

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