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John is channelling through Miriam in this meditation. Geoff – I am on the side of a hill in England, there is a grassy hill on the right, and a black metal fence running for a long way and on the other side is a wood, and there is something happening in the wood, which is very bad. I go into the wood and there are two men. The two men are in some kind of trouble, I think they have been chased, or somebody is looking for them. There is one man and a girl, a young girl of ten or twelve that has been abducted, he is holding a knife against her throat forcing her to keep quiet, because there are people very close by, that are looking for them. Is this right that I am seeing? Miriam (John) – Yes, you are quite right. Geoff – We must do two things, the natural response is to be aggressive towards the man to stop this event taking place, but we use the combined energy of this circle and we transmit it up his arm, where the knife is, up his arm and into his body so that he doesn’t feel so aggressive. The developing energy doesn’t register so much. And if we concentrate on this he will let the girl go for a fraction, and she will run, he will hesitate for a moment and run in the opposite direction. She will scream and they will find her, and it will be over, and this is happening now. Miriam (John) – And will you follow him? Geoff – Yes, the girl has gone and they can hear her and she will be safe. And the man is running through the wood, his mind is so disturbed with what he has done, he will contemplate suicide or some other nasty event, whatever it is, and his future will be very black until he breaks down and sort of pays for his sins. What we have to do is restrain him by the same method, by putting into his body all this love and energy, so that eventually he will break down and cry and want to be forgiven for what he has done, and allow himself to be captured. Miriam (John) – Yes, that is what you must do, and you must do the putting of the thought into his mind, while we give him the power. Geoff – I can see him hanging onto the fence but he doesn’t go over, I have got my arms around him, but it is also as if I am right inside him, as if my physical has gone right into his, and I am getting this feeling of doing what is right to do, it is pointless to run, but although you have done wrong you must right that wrong as much as possible, and face what you have to. Miriam (John) – He has never felt like this before. Geoff – No, they have caught him now and they are treating him very roughly but he has in his mind an understanding which he has never had before and he needs time to absorb it. He will be quite passive as they take him away and he will pay for what he has done, but the seed that has been planted in him but at least the seed is there, and it has stopped from progressing into very black areas indeed in the future. Miriam (John) – Much better than violence. Geoff – Yes and the girl is fine. Now one thing I am picking up here, I have gone to the group that have the little girl, and she feels safe now because there are Police and friends and so on, but there is an emotion coming from the people surrounding her going to the girl, which is not as we know an emotion of love, it is an emotion of togetherness, and it is very, very strong, and it is an instinctive motive, which these days we are not taught. Miriam (John) – That is right. Geoff – Like a natural protective feeling. Miriam (John) – An acceptance that we are all part of a whole, we are part of one another. Geoff – Yes. Miriam (John) – A wonderful feeling. Geoff – Yes it is, all right we can leave this one and go onto the next.    

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