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Your higher self divides you into more dimensions to learn.

26th March 2022. Your higher self divides you into more dimensions to learn.

In this meditations Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

G: yeah, you know a few days ago, they said you  must get rid of all the old stuff, blocks and so on. We automatically think about finances or whatever. But it’s your way of thinking. We analyze things. We decide what we do, based on the experience we have had. Now they are saying you have got this awareness, now start using your awareness. And then you get a result.

S: yes, it is that. It’s pretty much both of everything. I haven’t, since doing all of this, and being all of this. I haven’t even thought about past stuff, haven’t missed where we used to live, haven’t even thought of it. Nothing past, nothing, has even been in my mind. It’s just “ok, what can we create, ok, let’s tap into the ocean and the trees. My balcony, you must come to my balcony in the morning. Because my balcony is just the ocean and then those bushes. And I get so much energy from there. And then this morning I was tapping into the birds, so it was quite funny because I was ok, birds, and then little bugs were flying around, and then I was like ok, bugs, then I looked up and then I was like ok, that’s a different bird, lol, energy. But there is so much energy out there. And then the dolphins come past. There is just so much energy that I play with in the morning.

G: And most people aren’t aware of that energy. It’s just there and they are here. We have now become aware of all the energy that is out there.

S: yes, that’s what I am saying, and with that have you thought about everything, ….. you must miss Granny (Vena) incredibly, so it might be a bit different for you, because you with her for, you know because she was your soul…

G: Granny and I connect all the time and it’s all good.

S:Yes, trying to remember, why did that come up… you can’t think of the past. I haven’t thought of anything in the past. Nothing is influencing me from the past, because  you are so focused on everything being energy, so it’s exactly that.

G: yes. Like the sale that is going through etc. I am thinking of it and working on it, the same as I would a normal sale. And they are saying “just forget that’. Just energy, what will happen will happen, just be yourself and

S: So one thing I do. I take the sale for example, pull all the energy, put it into the sale and then you spread the energy out to whoever is interested in the sale. It doesn’t need to only be them. And you spread like little tendrils, all over the place, to whoever this would be the greatest contribution to. And then when those people lock in, sign, (or connect with you), then you ask that energy to equalize. So it does an energy pull.

G: That’s very clever thinking.

S: It pulls the right people into the energy. I do that with a bank account every morning, and with NHR every morning. And now it’s fast. It doesn’t have to take long, then I do little spider tendrils out, …… bla bla, and you can put those tendrils out worldwide.

G: Okay, now the next step to that. I understand everything you are saying. And you go through this every morning. And what you can do is, let’s say you are in a hurry and you think ‘oh, I must do that’. And everything we are talking about now, can happen in one second.

S: That’s what I want because sometimes if I am suddenly ‘oh, I haven’t had time or had to get to school or whatever, that is when I can use that. And also I can use all that energy outside as well and just boom.

G: yes, it’s the way we think, thought is creation.

S: Exactly and it’s getting faster and faster and look at how we tap into meditation.

G: yes.

We see it as just from a human point of view. Now one thing I learnt some time ago, I haven’t had it confirmed through spirit, was that you have different dimensions. So imagine if your higher self decides that it wants a Sharon born here, and you look at the akashic records, you get born and so on. What the higher self wants is to experience all the possibilities that you can go through when you chose this particular life. So you get to a stage, let’s say where you are about to marry George, and they will say ‘what happens if she doesn’t marry George?’. And they will split the dimensions. So you come into a second dimension, so you are now in two dimensions. And different things happen, and they go into 4, 8, and so you get more and more dimensions. The number of dimensions you can go into, is unlimited, because thought is creation.

Now how the higher self will see this playing out, is, we know, you and me know that we are humans and we are on a physical level on a physical planet. But if we are in a different dimension, it could be created that we would simply believe that we were on a physical planet. Now how do you know right now, that what you are feeling is physical, it could be something which our minds have made up. Which makes us touch things, and feel them as physical, that is a possibility. So the higher self wants to learn as much as possible about all the possibilities in a specific lifetime. So therefore, it splits dimensions and it can be as many times as is needed, to experience all the different possibilities.

S: Wow

And again, you liken this to a Mario game, on a CD, and there is a zillion possibilities but they all end up at the same place. This is exactly the same. There is a book written by, he wrote ‘Jonathan Livingstone seagull’. I think his name was Bach. He wrote several other books and one of those was about meeting himself in different dimensions. I remember reading that a long time ago.

But maybe spirit can confirm that with us, just so we know.

There is no reason, Shan, why you can’t visit the other side. With your abilities now. So maybe we will ask them that, sometime in the next few days or weeks or whatever. We will do a meditation where we can actually visit the other side. Experience it. When you go in, there is just so much love. But they protect you from feeling all that love, because it’s just way too much. And you can go through and visit various places and do various things and be protected from the vast amount of love that is there. It’s quite something.

I remember going there where they had music, which was just unbelievable.

S: That you had never heard before.

Correct, and colours that you haven’t seen. Sounds you haven’t heard. Because we are used to what’s available on Earth. But over there it is unlimited, so it’s indescribable, you have got to experience it before you can actually understand it.

And again, they are saying ‘all in good time’.


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