Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


First, we must look at the history of conflict and nation-building in this region.
YUGOSLAVIA ETHNIC CLEANSING This meditation was made in 1991 and the guide channeling through Miriam is White Feather. Geoff:     If I go over to Yugoslavia and look at the different people there – the different races and the different feelings, they have – it’s a bit like Protestants and Catholics – both people are good people, but a small rift has got wider and wider and wider until eventually it is inbred into the new generation that they should hate the opposition.  Both sides are good people but it is something which has been passed down and exaggerated, and it will always be there. Miriam (White Feather)     As it does with many a little quarrel. Geoff:     Yes.  Now, the energy that we were discussing just now when I was seeing myself using that large amount of energy for the first time, a simple way to use that here is to create a buffer zone between two Countries, of this energy which would calm down both sides as they came into contact with each other.  It would give them more of a chance to learn of each other’s thoughts on ways of life, and over the years, as long as the energy kept on being rejuvenated and topped up. Then they would start to learn about each other and gradually be able to live with each other more, and this again would reverse this cycle of life, so that eventually they would become one nation and be quite acceptable to each other. Miriam (White Feather)     It would, but there is a lot of evil there – evil that has been infiltrated in amongst these good people, and it is causing difficulties. Geoff:     Yes, because it only takes a small amount of evil to start it and it is the reactions of those around the evil, which create more actions and that is how it spreads.  It if were possible to change that by eradicating the evil then the same ripples would go out to the other countries, but we could change those ripples to be of harmony and peace.  Now, this is a conflict which must escalate and be brought to a head…. Miriam (White Feather)     Yes, it must. Geoff:     ….but, firstly the people will see the error of their ways, and secondly a decision can be reached as to what happened and who the guilty parties were, why it happened, and so on which will be a valuable lesson for the future, and will help ensure that this sort of conflict should not happen again. Miriam (White Feather)     Not for a long time anyway. Geoff:     Ethnic cleansing is the word that they are using. Miriam (White Feather)     Yes that is the word that they are using. Geoff:     And once this builds up and afterwards people see what atrocities were done, and it was like Hitler and the holocaust killing six million Jews in the war, they will be horrified and disgusted, but those that were living in Yugoslavia at the time of this happening – it will be a lesson to all of them far more than it will be to the Western world – and the rest of the world…. Miriam (White Feather)     It will take them a long time to forget. Geoff:     Yes, because it was their country that did it.  The same as Germany as a group country now is paying for the sins of the few – Hitler and so on – who created such  atrocities in the war. Miriam (White Feather)     You are learning a lot about vibrations and that tonight, are you not? Geoff:     Yes, I am. Miriam (White Feather)     Only too real! Geoff:     Yes. But it is making a lot of things much clearer.

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