Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1005 An in-depth explanation as to what God really is (Very good)

On my left I’ve got a troop of dancers. A bit like the radio city dancers where you get 20 or 30 dancers all dancing in unison. All very happy and comfortable entertaining. And let’s just see what their connection is. What they are saying here is this way of living is going to get away from religion. People are used to religions controlling the country and controlling how people think. We know it’s been around for so long. There are all these different religions and that is what dominates the people. They have to have a religion to believe in. Now it is going to move away from the religious type of understanding about God, Jesus and that sort of thing, and move away from a religious point of view.. It will be more of a history point of view. And there will be more artifacts found, there will be more things discovered, opened up, and there have been lots of things in the past which have proved or disproved an awful lot that happened around the early bible days, etc. And they have all been suppressed by the various churches, who don’t want it known, for obvious reasons.


S: So the truth will come out.


Yes, so the truth will come out.


S: And if we get people more in touch with finding God within themselves, as opposed to looking externally – as I start that with, if you want romance, be romantic, if you want anything, BE it. And if you look at an idol. And all the aspects of that idol that you love. BE that and you are a reflection of that idol. So you can find more of everything inside yourself, happiness, joy, everything inside yourself, as opposed to outside of yourself. No matter what religion.


Yes, that’s right.


S: And having them look at babies, a room full of babies, they can be Muslim, Jewish, they don’t know yet, they all just babies, they are pure God Love. That’s the way I am trying to approach things.


Ok, that is all very good, I can quite understand that. The main thing with religions is they all have a God, or a prophet, or a Mohammed or a whatever. 


S: Yes,.


And this is what we need to get away from. We need to become just a normal way of life. It’s natural, it’s nature. There is no God. We have a Creator. Somebody created the Earth and the Creator is basically all of us. Everything is one.


S: Yes, when I say it’s God, it’s whether it’s God, Buddha, Allah, whoever.


Yes, no I understand that. But they worship something as an idol. Whether it’s Buddha, God or whatever. They see it as an idol at the top.


S: So someone bigger than them.


Yes, and that is what we have got to get away from. Having a God-like figure at the top. At the top is a very loving creator. Who has created everything. And then let us play in his environment. And we created all these religions in his environment or the environment, or whatever it is. What do you think is God? What is your impression of God?


S: Everything.


Yes, so what is everything?


S: Everything is energy, everything is….


So is it one brain, is it something that works altogether?


S: It’s all connected.




S: Yes. Everything is connected.


So is this a living entity?


S: Is what a living entity?


The creator.


S: Um… Yeeees?


Lol. Ok, this is something you will not be discussing for a long time. But think about it, in the beginning, everything was created, whether you believe it was the big bang, what you believe, or whatever. Virtually, in one split second, everything was created. Or we would say in your world it was a split second. It can be a variety of things. But everything is created in this massive Universe that you have, over 90 billion light years wide. Absolutely huge. Everything that is possible, in there. And is it possible that one person can control all of this?


S: well, that is what I was getting to, in my mind right now, is that “would everyone not go into a complete panic knowing that there is someone in control?” lol.


Ok, let me give you this scenario.


S: And that’s how people would perceive it. Because they need to look up to someone. Everyone needs to look up to someone else. That’s why they search…..  


Ah, says who?


S: That’s what the people look for. That’s why they have to look up to God, or this or that. And they lock onto that, so that there is someone higher than themselves. But okay, looking in our aspect, no, if the creator is in everything, then why does there need to be an entity there or one being that is responsible for everything and everybody.


You are getting there, let me simplify this for you. After many billions of years, life began on Earth. And life began, and started to grow and started to evolve. Imagine if every planet were exactly the same.


S: Yeah.


Now imagine a scenario, where you have billions and trillions and billions of planets, all with life starting to form. And this is at the base of the pyramid and if you look at the other end of the pyramid right at the top you have God. And everything in the middle is blank.

Now, that is really going from one extreme to the other. So what do you think God would be doing up there?


S; Well, not sitting there twiddling his fingers. Exactly. Because if he sits and does nothing, it is not creating.


What happens you move up the ladder and you reach a level of being God. After many centuries, it simply gets boring, so you will want to start again.

So what has God been doing up there, for the last 8 billion years, watching all these planets grow.


S: Is he sitting there bored? No. Being a part of everything.


Now, yes, you are getting there. And again we will simplify to your life version. In the beginning, the big bang, everything is created in one shot by an entity. Now what does the entity do? Does he go to the top of the pile and look down at all of it for the next billion years and watch it grow?


S: He is in it to win it. He is there.




S: He is in the energy.


With his ability to grow planets, to create universes, is he going to worry about growing an amoeba?

Is he going to worry about evolution?


S: He is going to create more and more and more and more.


No, he created everything. There is no more to create. So what was the point of creating everything?


S: To see what became of everything.


So the people could experience everything. Who wants to experience everything?


S: all of us.


We didn’t exist in the beginning.


S: He does.


Yes. So there is no God on top, looking down over billions of planets which evolve. He is a part of everything, evolving. Who evolves first? If you are evolving in every single species, you will always evolve first, therefore you know more, therefore you would always be what we would term as God. Now that is going to be a tricky one to get past religions. Do you understand that?


S: Yeah, I wouldn’t broach that just yet.


But you understand how that works. So he is a part of everything and every single thing that starts to evolve, he experiences. So nobody can evolve faster than he can, nobody can know more than he can. And that is all you need, to be at the top of the structure. Quite a surprise hey.


S: Shew. yeah. Because in everything people need to know there is someone higher than you, bigger than you, higher than you


In everything, yeah, so if you take just what we are doing, with the gardeners of the Earth , looking after a planet etc. We need to get the experience to be able to do this job. So everybody, evolving, has to look up to somebody, it’s the person at the top, who will be the most experienced. And that experience just gains, grows more and more and more and more. So everyone that follows does the same.

So, we need a better term, instead of Gods and so on, we use a term, such as Creator.


S: Creator, I like that. I have normally used Universe. But I like the energy of Creator. I like that.


And if you take all of the religions, they all have their own prophets and Gods and so on. And they are all basically, well, they are, the same person. It is just that they evolved in that particular country in that particular religion. And the religions had to start somewhere. And if you take one of the oldest religions, the Hindu. How did that start? There must have been a handful of people or a thousand people or whatever.


S: Or just two.


Yeah, it was created by man and it’s simply grown and carried on through the years.


S: Man made all religion. And God did not make, or Jesus or anyone, God, Jesus, did not build a chapel, and say come, be here, he walked the planet.


That is right.


S: And spread his word. He did not build a structure.


Yes, and you see that is all a part of evolving. Because they look up to something like that, they want to worship it, dedicate something to it, build something in its honor. So therefore they build temples and churches and pyramids, and all sorts of things., to honor their Gods.


S: yes and that is fine. But if someone else doesn’t want to honor it….


Now as it gets handed down through each generation, what the new generation sees is a bigger picture of God, because it is exaggerated through every generation. And if you take for instance the first generation, where the religion has just been formed, it’s pretty new and exciting and so on, but in 10,20 generations time, it’s been around for 100’s of years, and so on and so on. So that’s where, the longer it goes, the more worshiped it becomes.


S: yeah. The stronger the energy gets.


Now with all these different religions having all their different Gods and  prophets, none have come back a second time. There have been new prophets, Buddha for example, reincarnated each time. Alright, let me give you that as an example. When the Dalai lama dies, what the high court does is it travels around the country with some of the Dalai lama’s childhood toys, a few of his favorite things. And they travel around until they find a child that recognizes these toys and starts to play with them and so on. And that they consider to be the new Dalai lama. Now from our point of view, we must give everybody free will, but you know how you can choose your family?


S: yes.


So we will get them, or persuade them to choose …


S: manipulate


Yes, the next Dalai lama. Now the system works very well, because it is expected. And when it does happen and the toys are played with and the memories are brought back etc. it is so ingrained into the people and entertaining for them and they are convinced that this is the Dalai lama. Now that creates a stronger religion , a stronger foundation that just gets better and better as time goes by.


S: and an easier possibility for you and…


Yes, now that’s very good. They are very nice, loving people as well.


S: They are.


Now with all your others, they change all the time. And history is rewritten many times over. As to how these original Gods, prophets and so on started. And some go on for a long time, some dwindle. But you can see how they are revered, and the longer they go, the more revered they are.


S: Yes, the energy builds up. But our intention is not to make anyone wrong. It’s just simply to create an awareness with no judgment. And what else is possible.


Yes that is right and that is the exact way to do it.


S: just to be more of you.


You are just giving people choice, explaining a few things to them, letting them understand more. We will add a little bit of influence every now and again. And they will understand a little bit more. And therefore things will change. You are going to have a very enjoyable time doing this.

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