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1007 Where do your Prayers go?

There’s somebody that wants to just have a quick word about prayers. They are saying that when people pray, they pray to a God, or their God, creator or whatever. And that creates an energy, because praying is a matter of, although they are asking for things, it is creating an energy. And a lot of the time they are asking for things for other people, sending love, blessings, healing and all that sort of thing, which creates other energy. Now, where they are asking God for the energy, the energy – they are basically directing it to God, and of course there is no God there, as we know it as such, as an individual. So what happens is it spreads around that particular area and becomes an energy ready for harvesting, for want of a better word. So, lets say there is a drama somewhere, like in Pakistan at the moment, where something like 30 million people I think, have been displaced so far.


S: yes


So people are sending group energy over there and asking God to send healing and energy and so on. All that just becomes an energy going over there, which is used  by, we will use that energy and send it to the right place. But where it is general energy, where you pray every night to look after Mom, Dad, the kids, the dogs, all this sort of thing, those are just sort of prayers going off to God. They don’t go anywhere. So these we harvest and we put in different places and basically they belong to that type of religion. So, if you are a Christian, it would become Christian energy, if you like. Jewish would be a bit different, India a bit different, and so on. So just different forms of energy. And they are used by us on the various religions. And they are pretty much specific to those religions. Does that make sense?


S: yes, it does. And when I am trying to teach people to – you know, when you hear of Ukraine and the war or whatever, and you normally go down with it, and you want to send energy, can it just be ‘send white light to…, and radiate it out”. Or to Ukraine? Or just up and up to you guys?


No. The problem there, is that people start to create. They want to send healing loving energy to certain people, or uplifting energy to somebody who has just lost their wife; that sort of thing, and all they really need to do is ‘think’. You know, you meet somebody who has just been told they have Cancer, you don’t have to go back into your memory and think “I’ve got to send them this, this, this and this.” Your natural empathy just sends them what they need. That is all you have to do.

So where you get Ukraine, Russia, Pakistan, etc.


S: And I am trying to change people’s minds, from going into the drama and trauma of it, and to send positive energy.


Yes, quite right.


S: I ask them to send just that, just send positive energy.




S: And not to anywhere, not to anything. Just to think positive energy.


Yes. You can give them a visualization, get them to send energy from themselves and it’s going to shoot out of them as a yellow light, a big ball of light that which goes across to wherever it is supposed to go. That’s all you have to do, one thought. One ball of light. Off it goes.

And you can do this as many times as you like during the day. And also different people, you will find different colours for different whatever’s. Just think of something, it doesn’t matter what it is, you can send them sky blue pink, because we will know what to do with it. And it goes to the right place.


S: Ah, this is going to be fun. Lol


You can send things like puppy energy, kitten energy, baby energy. Elephant energy, or whatever you like. It’s the thought behind it, thought is creation. It’s simply the thought behind it. And you don’t have to specify what it is, it’s simply thinking the right way. 


S: I can see it now, which is amazing. I can see it. I can perceive it. And I’m like “Oh my God, I’ve been saying it for years and years or whatever, but now I can see it. A thought just goes….. Poof (out into the space) like a fireball, like a firecracker.


Lol. Mmm, excellent.


S: It shoots off everywhere. And we think 50-60 000 thoughts a day! Each of us.


Lol, yes, there is lots to be done.


S: But those are conscious thoughts as well.. It’s beautiful.


Right, definitely, Once again, goodnight.


S: Okay, good night. 

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