Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1078  Spiritualism is an Understanding of life

G: When I, earlier on, when I was saying, you know, I don’t know what to do next, etcetera, etcetera, then I thought I’d just go post something for tonight. And I’ll look in one of the future books, it was in book three, I think. I just started scanning through and I saw this one thing, and what it said was exactly that. And I couldn’t believe that.


S: So it was answering you.


G: Yeah.


S: That’s freaky.


G:: Absolutely. I changed the first couple of lines a little bit because it was out of date.


S: Yeah.


G: Apart from that, it was genuine. Nice. What we’ve been discussing the last couple of days.


S:  Yeah. But we’ve got to be so, so careful not to knock any religion and just make everything clear that this is how… we haven’t done anything. We’ve only just stated exactly, as far as Christians are concerned or whatever, in our postings, exactly as it was.


G: When you think about it, it is all spiritual. And the Muslims believe in Mohammed and so on. He was a prophet.


S: Yeah. And the Islams believe that God is everything. Everything is, you know, that’s all. We’ve all got the same basics.


G: Yeah.


S: Just our own rules, if you want to call them that. Because they’re not coated, sugar coated.. Oh, but they will still take them. God. So yeah, it’s just, it’s an invitation to all religions. And that’s what we must very clearly state on spiritual dictionary.


G: Hmm.


S: Page one. First thing you see.


G: Absolutely.


S: Because that is what we’re getting to, which is that we are all one. So it’s just inviting, when we meet those that are other ways minded and whatever, Buddhist, whatever. It’s just, you know, this is how the universe is made. This is who we all are. We are all connected. And Buddhists of all people would all agree with that.


G: Yeah.


S: But they’ll perceive other people don’t believe that. We just say it doesn’t matter what other people perceive and believe. As long as we’re getting to the same understanding, that’s what gets put out there.


G: Everybody believes in one Creator.


S: And we go to the next one, it’s the same understanding. That’s what gets put out there. And how thought is an energy, everything is energy. We’ve got to teach them everything from the basics. And how they individually can be the contribution to how they collectively can have the same understanding, which creates energy. And that’s how the planet changes. It’s not even so much about spirituality.


G: Well, what it does is it makes spirituality not a religion. We’ve always said it’s an understanding of life.


S: Yeah.


G: Exactly what it is.


S: Exactly.


G: So you’ve got all the religions and you’ve got spirituality.


S: Which is understanding.




G: Excellent.


S: Yeah. We must just find that tree and that house.


G: What was that?


S: We just have to find that tree and that house.


G: Oh right, yeah, yeah. Symbolic.


S: Mmm. Yep.


G: So symbolic, so it makes sense.


S: Yeah.


G: But to think that was done in 1987. 35 years ago.


S: I wasn’t even finished school yet.


G: And they said we were going to teach. This is what we were going to do. All worked out exactly as it should be.

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