Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding life, and how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

1402 – Visitors explain how they went through a similar change on their planet

G: Now, I have, it seems to be a lot of spiritual people, entities, walking through bushes. The bushes are almost as high as a person, and there are all these shapes that are walking through them towards me. Some look similar to what we saw yesterday, like suits of armor. Others have different shapes.


S: A variety.


G: Variety, yes. They seem to be left over from other species. Now, there is a significance of walking through all these uniform bushes towards us. That’s what I am trying to pick up. These are people that simply want to watch. Now, we’ve had visitors before who have come and asked for information from us, our background, our history, etc. we’ve made them clear. These seem to be people from other planets where there have been failures. No, that’s not quite right.


S: Maybe they just also need to make changes.


G: Yes. They seem to be part way through changes, but for some reason, on their planets, and they’re all different, and some way, part way through the change, some things have gone wrong. I’m not sure if they want to tell us about it, or whether they want to just watch what is going to happen here, so they can’t make the same mistake. Because they can watch without us, our approval.


S: Yes.


G: So, there’s more, and you’re involved here, Sharon. Maybe someone is going to talk. I’m not sure. This is quite complicated. Ok, somebody is going to come and talk.


Spirit: These are people from different planets who have gone through a similar exercise. The exercise that they’ve gone through, and you’ve got to remember that there are millions and millions of these exercises, but the ones that these have gone through, things have gone slightly wrong for them, it wasn’t what they anticipated, they didn’t get it quite right, etc. They’re similar in a way, to the position that you and Geoff are in. They’ve come along to basically say, we don’t want you to make the same mistake, so what we’re going to bring along, what we’re going to bring to the party is where we went wrong. And we’re just going to put that information on one side, so as you go ahead over the next few years, and you use your senses to pick up what needs doing, etc. There will be these red lights for you, which are mistakes we made that we wouldn’t like you to make. They’re very small things, and the reason we do this is because every time one of these changes happens, it’s got to be an improvement. We all try to improve every time. Now there are obviously ones that have been done perfectly, but we don’t want to go ahead, we need to learn, we need to experience, we need to just do it the right way, we cannot skip. So what they would like to do is they’re going to put the red flags up for you two, so when you get some small problem, you’ll see that there is a problem there, but also they will learn, and they will see where they went wrong, and they can take that information back to wherever they need to, so that they can correct things when it happens in the future. Now what is so interesting about this is it’s all time. Time is of course so different on this side, and you can see this time as being stacked one on top of another. It’s not going back centuries, it’s all sort of happening now, if you like. So it’s already happened, but it’s happening now, if you put it like that. So it’s beneficial for you, it’s just a few words of caution when you need it. It’s beneficial for the people, and it’s beneficial for the souls that are helping to make things correct on their particular planet and their particular dimensions. So that is why you’ve got this strange assortment of people coming forward. They all have the same..


S: Goal?


Spirit: Same goal. Yes. Now, they are now dispersing again. That was basically a delivery, if you like, of information, and it’s just more information that’s passed on to you that will be put on one side that you are using, or you may use, any time in the next, I don’t know, five, ten, twenty years, whatever is needed. It’s just simply more information for you. It was important that you know where it came from, and how the whole system works. So they’re moving off, and they all leave, of course, tremendous love, blessings, and so on. Saying, it’s fine. Okay.


S: Thank you


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