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1408 – The bad soldiers after a war stuck to learn and process  

G: Now, I’m in a very strange area, which is not unusual. Lol. I seem to be in a town of zombies. The buildings are very old, abandoned. And there’s these like zombie-like characters. Some have got bandages, some have got arms missing, scars on their heads, all sorts. Weird. I’m just going to wander through the village.


There are also big bundles of energy, negative energy. This is like an aftermath. War. Yes. It’s an aftermath after a war.


S: Shew.


G: So, the area we’re in is like a bombed-out town. Everything is dark, dismal. There are bodies everywhere, skulls, bones, broken bodies. Huge areas of negative energy. And people walking around who are half dead. And this big aftermath, I think, what happens is the people who did the wrong things in this particular war have been pushed down here to experience. You see, when we,….. let’s just take a soldier who commits atrocities, because he can.. Rape, pillage, theft, the whole works. And he enjoys maybe torture as well.


So at the end of the war, he dies, gets shot. He would normally just cross over and then understand what’s gone wrong. So why would he now be pushed down into this dead village?


Let me go down and I’ll see one of these huge black energy balls, obviously negative. I’m going to go into one and see if I can see what it is. And it’s pain, suffering, fear. People who have suffered. People suffering. All the negative energy is created with people who have suffered. So as people suffer, they create  a negative energy, it’s got to move somewhere so it comes down here and it’s stored down here. So why do the bad guys get pushed down here as well? Your first thought is so they experience, they can see what they’ve done, they can realise they have done wrong. But they’re not going to realise they have done wrong, are they? Because they’re just wandering around aimlessly.


S: Yeah.

G: There must be an answer to this. Now what I’m seeing in the middle, in this particular area, is a lot of ornate stuff, thrones, gold, silver, and treasures. So you can say, maybe this is what they’re expecting. Maybe this is what they were looking for and this is what they ended up with. Sort of, was it worth it? There’s more. What do you feel, Sharon?


S: Yeah, they having fun tonight.


G: Mmm. Ah ok, got it. It took a while. Okay, we’ve got it.


Spirit: It’s the same as you and Geoff have been going through to a degree. Over the last year or so, you’ve lost all your money, you’ve lost this, that and the other. And you’ve come down to a very, very poor situation, but now you can look upwards and see ahead, and it is much more beneficial and you’re going in the right direction and so on. So you’ve seen the outcome of the actions. Now, what these soldiers are seeing is the outcome of their particular actions. It’s slightly different. But they went into, they committed all these different atrocities because they wanted to, because they knew they were doing wrong, etc. Now, what they could do is they could simply cross over and look back on their life and say individually what happened, etc.


And what they’re doing now is they’re looking back on their life and it’s been put together with everybody else. And it’s a matter of, okay, now let’s look back on my life and let’s see what I actually did. And what I’m experiencing as a soldier is all the suffering of the people that I’ve shot, killed, raped, bombed, whatever. I’m seeing all the suffering. I can feel their agony. I can feel every bit of damage that I did to all these people. That’s what these people are feeling. And that’s why they’re wandering around aimlessly, thinking, I now understand. I can now see all of this. But they can’t see yet what the outlet is going to be. They can’t see yet that they’re going to cross over eventually. They’ve got to experience more of this so that they understand more, so that they can really, when they go back, appreciate what they’ve done, understand completely what they’ve done.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So, that’s why the negative energy is put there. It’s all the fear from the people, all the suffering that they went through. And these guys are now walking in and out of that all the time and they can’t avoid it. So, that is just another way that we help people. It’s a process which is very simple to set up. It’s very simple and it makes sense that people experience it, or souls experience it this way before they pass over. And it makes their recovery so much quicker. It makes their understanding so much better because they get a real understanding, not just what they did, but what was done as a group energy.


Some of them will stay down there for many, many years until it depends on the severity of what they’ve done. They’ll be looked after, but some of us guides who specialise in that and when we see that people are ready and they understand, we’ll go down and we’ll bring them out, help them to cross over and help them to get back on track.


And of course, we don’t condemn what they’ve done because this is how they learn. You’ve got to make mistakes to learn. And when we bring them over, we don’t condemn them as being bad guys, they went off the rails through what they experienced, the way they grew up, the way they developed on their planet, the way they were given different information, wrong information, all sorts of things. So, everybody is equal of course, as you know.


So, that was a very interesting one for you this evening.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: But I’m glad you got that in the end. It took quite a while. Lol. Now, as far as the opposite goes, the people who were very badly abused and then eventually killed, they come over and of course there’s a different story for them because then we bring them over straight away and we can look down and say, well, look what happened to you, unfortunately, you were raped 10 times, you were shot 15 times and then bombed, but it’s just a bad day for you. So, lol. So, when they’re over here, it’s fine, we can look back and they experience and understand and they progress, so it’s not a problem.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Good. Okay, we’re going to leave that one for tonight.


S: Thank you.


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