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1449 Feminizing a Gentlemen’s club (Memories)

G: Right I’ve got a door. It’s a double door. And it’s dark, polished wood. It’s sort of a deep plum colour.  Very sort of regal. Stone wall around it, a bit like an oldie worldie gentlemen’s club, that sort of thing. From the last century where they would meet in a man’s club and there were cigars and there were no women allowed etc. Ok, so I am going to go in there.  Now when I go into a place like that, because I assumed I knew what it was, I assumed I would see guys reading papers, smoking cigars and the usual stuff. And it’s not there.


What I am seeing is a lot of … it looks like a key if you cut it in half and you stand it upright. The size of a human.  That’s what I am seeing all over. It’s something to do with these guys memories. Because they go there and there’s no women allowed, they create memories which remain there.


S: So they are like little memory rods.


G: Yeah, it’s there way of thinking. It’s energy that’s built up over the years. So, I am a gentleman and I kiss my wife goodnight, or I am going to club for the evening or I meet my friends there and we have brandy and cigars and we talk about politics, investing money and all that sort of thing. And women can never see inside our club.


S: Mmm.


G: So what we do, is we keep the energy, the memories, inside the club. So this is what I am seeing. This is what this thing looks like, a kiwi fruit. So there’s all these memories. And what it does, is it creates a world where there’s no feminine thoughts there.


S: energy.


G: Yeah, no women’s touch there at all, it’s all masculine stuff. And the masculine stuff is a lot of, the majority of it, is exaggerated because they are macho and they are men and they want to prove things and so on, and so on. So, it’s a falseness.


S: Oh.


G: So people go into these clubs and they see the falseness. They pick up the energy of the falseness. And they continue the falseness. Now, where you’ve got somewhere like the houses of parliament, .. this club is in St. James, it’s St. James square. And we should be able to look up and we should be able to see the doors to the St. James club.


This is what is going to be changed, because the club is still like that, they haven’t let women in. So, what it is, it’s a male dominated group of energy etc. So, when the men go there, they pick up this energy and they don’t pick up the woman’s point of view or whatever. And it’s very dominating. It is very incorrect. So they go to parliament with a view that women are inferior.


S: Yeah.


G: Now we’ve got this woman prime minister again. And pretty much the same thing is happening. The view of the men is that women are inferior.


S: Mmm.


G: It’s sort of built in and the energy they pick up. Now this is what has to change with this change of the Earth that is going on right now. And I don’t know whether clubs will open up to women or the clubs will be disbanded or changed or whatever. But it’s just fascinating to see that these guys are just…


S: We will just have to send energy to infuse it with feminine energy. Lol.


G: I don’t see why not.


S: Right, just soften it. 


G: Do that.


S: Just like…. Shew. It can only be positive, it’s not horrible, it’s not nasty.


G: Ok, let’s do that.


S: Ok.


G: Now, the only images or  feminine things that are in the club, are male thought forms of horizontal women. Lol.


S: Yeah, yeah. And lots of talk about that.


G: Lots of talk, yeah. So let’s first of all remove all of that.


S: Yeah.


G: And what can we put in that will soften their way of thinking? Things like I don’t know, puppies, kittens, babies.


S: Yeah. Pink, fluffy…


G: Pink, yes, that’s great. Pink fluffy toys. Lol.


S: And they will relate to that, it’s not like something foreign to them.


G: Yeah.


S: And yeah, puppies, kittens, flowers,


G: Mmm. What would make them think of women being equal to them? When a boy is young, his mother is his superior, I suppose. So we could put in mother energies. We just need the opposite of all that energy, fishing, shooting, all that jazz, what is the opposite? Softness.


S: Maybe just the energy of all the powerful women of the world. All the successful, powerful women of the world.


G: Mmm. Alright, let’s just fill it with women.


S: Yeah.


G: Let’s just invite them all in and say, let’s make a difference.


S: Yeah, not dirty rotten hoes, see. Lol.


G: Lol.


S: that’ll make it worse. Lol. But yeah, let’s do that.


G: Yeah. Invite them all in. They can move in and they can sense what is going on there and they can make a few adjustments.


S: They will know the energies, yeah.


G: Yes, they will. Mmm, that’s great. It’s like ghost busters.


S: Yeah, that’s so true. Lol.


G: Mmm, that will make quite a difference. Now if you look at the overall thing, the labour party for example, they are very into getting women into politics.  The conservatives seem to be doing it because it’s like the done thing to do. No, they say that’s wrong. Both parties are trying to get women into politics. Okay, so it’s only these clubs which are old fashioned, that need bringing up to date.


There’s another called Hides or Whites. No, they are saying do this one first and then you will do others. And they’ve all gone.












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