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1451 Inside the Pyramids – Wow

G: Now let’s see where we go from there. I seem to be going back to an Egyptian tomb. I think we were here a few days ago, if I remember.


S: I remember something.


G: It was an Egyptian tomb, that hasn’t been discovered, right in the middle, and it’s energy isn’t it?


S: Yeah.


G: I can’t remember. Let me just go inside and see. It looks like it’s a gold mummy, not a mummy shape, it’s 8 or 9 feet long, it’s gold, a lot of sorts of carvings on the gold. No jewels, no head, it’s just a big casket, cast, something or another. And it’s definitely an energy source. It’s right in the middle of the pyramids, and there’s one pyramid. I’m going to take it as a mummy, although it isn’t a similar shape, I’m just going to lie down inside of it, try and sense more.


It’s quite fascinating, as I do that and look up, I can see the inside of the pyramid is all gold walls and ornaments and figurines, so it’s as if the pyramid was hollow. That’s just what I’m seeing, because that’s what this does, it makes the pyramid hollow. There’s a lot more I’m just trying to … You see, I did this many years ago, and I’m trying to detach it from what I saw years ago.


Ah, right, I can see, it’s the memories of history, etc. A race comes down, they build the pyramid, they set up this area, they encase it with a sort of bubble, so that no information can be shared with the rest of the world, and all that information, the whole thing is kept there in that particular bubble.


Now, all the memories, when they disappeared, they went back to their own area, they changed the mindset of all the people there, so they thought it just never happened, but all that information is now contained in this casket, for a better word, that I’m lying in. So the question is, why are we there, and what are we supposed to do?


And, you see, if we had access to this, I can’t see it being to our advantage, in evolving, because it’s something which is very futuristic, but at the same time very primitive, because they came down and they basically used the minds of the people, they turned them into slaves, if you like, they built the pyramids and so on.


The pyramids are definitely for communication, we know that much. They link up to the stars up above, different planets, and that would mean different dimensions at the same time. I can’t see what benefit we would get from accessing that information.


S: They are wanting this to come out now. They must know the results, or what it would cause. And if it is something so primitive, finding it, they’re going to have to accept it. It’s not going to be like, oooh, because they’re going to have known that this …


G: Who’s going to have known?


S: Whoever finds it, the geologists and whatever.


G: OK, if they found it, they wouldn’t be able to access any of the information, because to them it’s just a metal and so on. We can access it because, only because we are in this dimension.


S: True, yeah.


G: So it’s only accessible to people in our dimension. What advantage would it be to us to access that information? OK, what are the people doing there? Why did this race come down for many years, build these pyramids, create all these mummy’s and so on, and…


OK, they didn’t… Alright, what we’re seeing is something different. When you go back in history, you see the Egyptians around for a period of three to four thousand years. And during that period there are many pyramids built, etc., when these aliens were down here, none of that information is being accessed by people today. Because the archaeologists who go back and dig up the remains and all this sort of thing, they can’t work out that this is two thousand, three thousand, four thousand years old. There are huge gaps in between, and that’s when these people were there. They basically hid all the information that they didn’t want found. So what was the reason they came down in the first place?


And the reason was to basically try and grow a race, a society with information that they had from the other side. From advanced information that they had. So they wanted to know if it was possible to start a new society going with that sort of advanced information. And what they tried to do was mix the two.


So you had the original Egyptians and their land and their farming and their belief in their gods and so on. And they had the advanced information to give them, to sort of jump ahead, to evolve by several generations all at once. It was that sort of experiment. The reason you have the pyramids there is simply to, it’s a communication center to send information to the group that came down and their followers and so on.


It’s like, there are other races up there monitoring the situation through the pyramids. Now, this sounds very weird and not something we should publish yet until we get a bit more clarity. Let me just try and go a little bit deeper into this thing and see if I can see a bit more.


Looking downwards I can see the most amazing well of, it looks like colored crystals. But huge, all the different colours, all the different crystals. It’s not real. It’s an image created by this thing in the center of the pyramids. And again it’s an energy source. All these different forms of energies.


Now what I’m seeing is something a little bit different. This is just getting too far out. You see, looking down, I can see all these crystals and energies going down into the center of the Earth. And it’s like it was created so the aliens and other planets could monitor the situation on Earth. But they can do that, I think, without all these crystals. Unless they are trying to monitor Earth itself.


S: Yes, the crystals were recording the information.


G: Yeah. So if I look up it’s all gold and ornamental. If I look down it’s all crystal. But the whole thing is a vision. It’s a thought form which is created. So, let me just scoot across to another pyramid and look in there. I’ve got something totally different in that pyramid. I’ll go to another one. And they are all, there’s something different in all of them, but…. I can’t see anything solid in the whole thing.


Let me take a break and have some coffee. Open my eyes and I’ll go back in a minute and see if I can pick up exactly what it is. I think what they’re doing is they’re pushing us to see more, into more, I don’t know, dimensions, higher levels.


So even the Horton Tower, is also a similar sort of thing they want us to do. Right, let’s go back there. I’m just going to go with this because I’m seeing so much. I’m not getting concrete where it fits in, which I normally do, but I think it might get started. It might work.


We finished off just now by going to this beautiful tanzanite stone kind of oneness and above that I saw this God-like figure. And the God-like figure at the time looked Egyptian, I just said it was like a God-like figure etc.


Now, I think this blue stone is in the center of the pyramids. And getting together, the oneness is something to do with, the pyramids were created to create either a oneness so that we could get there, or it was a oneness from another planet.


S: It’s a oneness to teach everyone, to connect to everyone.


G: Yeah, but it’s been dormant all these years, I mean dormant for probably three to four thousand years, so that doesn’t make sense unless it’s been used in all this time.


S: Unless it’s needed now.


G: Even now, why would they place it there three or four thousand years ago?


S: If I try and go deeper, I just go off to another place. Then I come back and that sort of thing. I go off to a different place, a different space. And I can’t remember anything when I get back. It’s almost like you go to sleep. Come back. Go to sleep. That’s what it feels like. But I know I’m not because I feel myself pull back. I think it’s a completely different dimension we are working in.


G: Yeah. Maybe something, well obviously something we haven’t encountered before.


S: Yeah.


G: I can see the original ships that I saw, spaceships, there is a lot of activity, I can see the two different species, I can see the aliens, I can see the Egyptians, maybe I assumed Egyptians just wore loincloths and so on which you’ve seen, you know when you see in Egyptian books.


S: Mmm.


G: I thought as much but maybe it wasn’t that. I’m just going to go a lot higher and look downwards for a while. Now, looking down I can see it’s exactly the same as when I was lying in the pyramid and looking up.


S: So you are just seeing through the energy.


G: It seems to be the opposite. Okay looking down on earth if I turn around and look upwards I see basically the same thing.


S: Mmm.


G: The information on earth is the same as being seen by space but the opposite way around. So it’s like it’s been duplicated up there to down here. Now we know aliens created it, we know it matches up with certain stars up there and the stars are in the same environment as the pyramids. Another alien race made it? Was here for a long time.


Ok, no. I think, let’s just leave that one tonight and let things filter through in a day or so and we’ll get a clearer picture.


Let’s leave that all together, you just end up trying too hard and getting nowhere. Let’s see if there’s one more short thing and then ..

Now I’m sort of getting covered with a dark brown cloud. We’ve had this dark brown cloud before. If you can remember what it means?


S: Something bad is going to happen, but not necessarily to us.


G: Yeah. That was it.


S: Yeah, cos we automatically thought it was us but it wasn’t, it was something around us.


G: No, it’s us. It’s not that something bad is going to happen, it’s what we’ve been trying to do tonight. They are just saying, no you can’t do it, leave it. That’s the brown cloud, so.


Now I’m wide awake and out of it, so.

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