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1454  Pyramids were supposed to create “Oneness”

G: I have a very old yogi here.  A typical sort of yogi you’d see sitting on top of a mountain cross-legged in a cartoon. He seemed to be coming from India, then China and then U.S. I’m not sure but it’s not important.


He’s taken me into a room which is a bit like something you go into in a fairground, like the hall of mirrors or the house of horrors or whatever. I’m sort of walking through and there’s these sorts of cages with glass fronts, and there are some things in there. I’m not sure what’s in it. It’s all very weird, which is not unusual.


I look through that into a much bigger area, where there are huge golden arches, massive golden arches. He’s still with me. So we walk through this funny little place, we go into this huge, massive place. Huge arches, all covered in gold. Again, it’s symbolic. He wants to give us a little bit of wisdom about dealing with, I can’t see if it’s specific religions or his religion.


S: Maybe it’s different religions.


G: Mmm, could even be Indian. The things in the cages that we just walked through; those were ideas that failed as far as religion goes. What people thought were good turned out to be not so good  and they were sort of left there. When they got something right, it was this huge area we are in, all full of gold and light and beautiful energy and so on.


Now I’ll walk with him some more. We’re in the most beautiful area. We’re walking in gardens now, and they are showing me the gardens have carpeted grounds instead of grass. The plants, instead of being in earth, are in beautiful gold pots. And it is a garden. It’s like, hmm, okay. It’s like Taj Mahal.


Anyway, he’s still here and he’s just letting me feel all this beautiful stuff, all over the place. Beautiful energy, beautiful. And it’s not, I was going to say it’s not a place I would go, but I would go there just to feel the energy.


This is an extension to the pyramids, and this is a wise old man who’s trying to show us what they were trying to do. Where I am at the moment is something which is created through the mind. And what they’ve created is not just a beautiful scenery, they’ve created the most beautiful energy. And this is the oneness that everybody is, that we’ve been talking about.


And what the extraterrestrials tried to do with the pyramids was to create this oneness. And what they did was they tried to lead people towards the oneness, they tried to make them evolve to create it. And he’s saying, it’s already here if you know where to go, and he’s sort of showing me the oneness.


And basically I’m not sort of qualified to come and live here yet, because you’ve got a lot of things to do otherwise. But the oneness, this beautiful energy that I’m feeling was created by these extraterrestrials. It doesn’t matter where, because the size of it means nothing, it can be recreated anywhere. So he’s showing me that the most beautiful thing is there, and that’s the sort of thing we can look forward to getting there. But to get there is, you need to experience the journey of getting there, so that you understand completely what this oneness is all about.


S: Yeah, exactly.


Spirit: And it’s not a matter of just learning one step at a time, you need to learn all the steps. And when you can see all the steps, you see all the different variations, all the different possibilities, all the different understandings of what’s right and what is wrong. And only then you’re actually filled with this positive oneness, and only then can you experience this beautiful feeling of euphoria, and know that you’ve actually made it.


But, to get there, what do you do when you’re there? Now, so, it’s ideal, it’s good to aim towards this oneness, but you will never achieve the full oneness. The full oneness basically is God, you get to that particular level. So, they’re just showing me this beautiful feeling in the pit of my stomach, it’s like love like you’ve never felt before. I don’t know whether you can feel it Sharon, you should be able to sense it.


S: Yeah. So, it’s about that oneness, that feeling which we can’t, that feeling and reaching that helps to balance us so that we can evolve now.


Spirit: Yes.


S: But we’ve still got to live the reality, but we can use that tapping into that energy the more we learn.


Spirit: Well, it’s like wanting to get there. When you have ambitions in your life, let’s say you want to go to the Olympics to do whatever, it’s all the effort of getting there and enjoying every stage, getting all the way right up to getting to the Olympics. So, it’s your dream which you’re seeing. Now, you’ve just experienced seeing the dream of the oneness, but again, once you won the Olympic medal, what do you do next time? You try and do it again, or you go on to something  else, or whatever.


So, the oneness, we can let you feel it and so on, but, or feel so much of it, but that’s the ultimate that you can get to, but there are so many stages on the way there. The idea is what he was trying to show me was, in the first portion that we went through, were all the sort of mistakes that were made, and the mistakes are there for us to learn from. So, instead of bypassing them and going all the way here, we need to learn from those mistakes and understand them to be able to move on.


There’s a bit more to it than that. These are people who have made mistakes and they’ve tried to advance too fast, and now they feel bad that they’ve done that, they’ve basically screwed things up.


S: Well, it’s trying to run before you walk.


Spirit: Yeah, but the whole idea of this was to, this is what the alien race was trying to do, they were a very advanced race, and they thought that there’s so many different possibilities, so many varieties that you can do to evolve, and evolving can take hundreds of thousands of years. And this is one way they thought, they really thought that they could start it and create the ultimate. So what they learned from that was that they can’t actually create it here, they can’t evolve that fast, but also they don’t want to create it, because you’ve got to enjoy getting there. Once you’ve created it, there is no further to go, and so that’s the last thing you want to do.


S: Yeah, so you can’t just give it to someone.


Spirit: Yes, you can’t give it to someone, they have to work their way up. So, that was the lesson that they learned from that, so you can imagine how evolved they were to be able to do that.


S: Yeah, yeah.


Spirit: Now from our point of view, we just see that as there’s some pyramids there.


S: Imagine how beautiful they must have been, to be just be so close and just want to give that to people. You’re just want to so badly, you just want to be like, let’s do this.


Spirit: Lol. Yeah, and to be able to do that, that was… I’ll just give you a bit of information about the extraterrestrials who were there. They were a very advanced race, they didn’t actually live on a planet, they were completely at the mental stage, so they didn’t need anywhere to live, everything was thought was creation.


They didn’t live in a specific area or dimension either, it was just that they were like a mist drifting around, but the mist could communicate, every cell in everybody could communicate with all of the rest, that’s how far they had developed. That is why they found the people in Egypt that they could put in their minds very simply, an identical brain to each one of them, so they all thought the same way.


Now, if you just think of their health as well, having those sorts of abilities, there is no need to have anyone becoming sick anymore, because it’s just through thought you can solve the problem, even a broken bone, being crushed, whatever, can simply be solved. So, that was the experiment that they went through.


Now, the people themselves are beautiful, loving people, but what they don’t have is any love at your level. Love is something which is very much an earthly thing, we have it of course up here, but it’s a different way of thinking. It’s a bit like you will love your children one way, your parents another, your animals another way, there are different ways of loving.

And up here, where you get the spiritual realm, especially when you do away with the physical, the creation of the physical, and you’ve just got the mental realm, then the loving changes completely. It’s not just a love for one specific person, which is an exercise you go through on Earth.


It’s a love for everything, nature, for groups of people, for evolvement, for helping others, it’s a love for all sorts of different things. And you get this whole variety of love and energies and emotions, far more emotions than you can ever imagine.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: So the love changes as you get higher.


S: But also, do we not feel that love on a different level because we have so many negative emotions as well? I mean, you don’t have anger and hate and jealousy and all of that over there. We have all these emotions, whereas you just feel the purity.


Spirit: Yes, very much so.


S: And so you just evolve through that as well.


Spirit: And if you go to higher levels than me, such as these beings that came down to help you build the pyramids, they have a disadvantage as well in that they have pure love for everything all at once together. So every molecule is attached to every other thought form, if you like. So they can all think as one, there’s one huge group, so there’s no individual love. There’s no loving a group, there’s no loving separate.


So, that they’ve lost out on going for the feeling of perfect harmony, etc. So they have to sort of rethink at that particular level where you go when you reach that level. Which is where this experiment came from.


Now when they reach down to send love to us, it’s a different type of level, it’s the same as you reaching down to love one of your dogs. It’s a lot different from one dog giving love to another dog.


S: Yes.


Spirit: So it’s the same as we will send or they will send energy, love down to you and you will feel it in a nice way, an acceptable way for your particular life on this planet.


S: Yeah, yeah.


Spirit: Well, that was quite a nice one.


S: That was super.


Spirit: I’m so glad that you got to the end of that and solved the problem. Now, that’s one that’s going to be very difficult for you to try to explain to other people. But there are others who already know about that to a degree and you’ll find them and you’ll find them in the future. You’ve got so much to teach so far; it’s going to be a while before you’re able to talk to people about things that we’ve been discussing recently. But it’s also good for you to know about them.


S: Yeah, and also to know what’s possible. Thank you.


Spirit: Yeah. So thank you for the evening once more, it was an absolute pleasure. And once again, good night.  


S: Thank you and goodnight.



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