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15th February 2022. How energies work with nature

15th February 2022 Peace centre. How all the energies work with nature

Once again Sharon (S) is sensing, and a Guide is channelling through Geoff (G)

G: Ok, so going back to the peace centre again. For this exercise, what you are going to do is go down the river. If you go down the river, it winds its way all the way down to the bottom, through waterfalls and creeks and it comes out at the bottom, in a huge open range, which is surrounded by mountains. And on the way down, you will look at all the insects and all the small animals, and as you get closer to the bottom, you will start to see the large animals, the deer and so on. Till you get to the plain, right at the bottom, which is full of all your large animals. I’ll leave you to do that, see what you can see. And we will come back and talk in a minute.

S: The clean pure energy starts at the top, then it goes down the waterfall and it goes into a like a pool of healing energy. It flows through with all these healing energies and qualities. When it goes down, it’s like … waterproof diva’s, lol. There are tons of energy beings, like bubbles, like butterflies, but waterproof. All the way fluttering around the water while it’s flowing down. When it gets to the bottom, a stillness sets in. Then you get all the small animals, like the frogs and everything just enjoying the pure, fresh, new energy. Then we get fish, as the river starts flowing. Then we come across larger animals and their energies. Eventually it goes out into this vast ocean and that is when the space comes into play again. The water is now carrying all the energy from all the animals and earth now. There is so much life and movement and energy.

G: Quite right, so starting from the top of the mountain, it’s very pure energy and it’s coming down. And then you’ve got the various insects and birds and animals, where do they get their energy from?

S: The water.

G: Yes, everything, all their energies, from small to large, all get their energy from water. So, this is how the system works. The energy is in the water, which they take out, because all animals drink water. Whether it is from precipitation, dew, rains, streams, they all drink water. So, that is where the first energies come from. And they build up memories and so on after that but all energy comes through water. So, the cycle you can see now, goes down to the ocean, back into the clouds, into rain, back to the top of the mountains, down the waterfall and repeats over and  over again. So, if you take the rain coming into a city, the rain of course, is a new, fresh, clean, pure energy. So, as it comes into a city, it washes away negativities and take them down to a stream, which goes down again, into the cycle.

Then you have the forest, where there is less negativity but more energy. Then you go right to the top of the mountain, where it is completely refreshed, and it starts to go down from there. So, everything is connected through energy.

S: I can see the plants and herbs, with rain water. How they respond more and look more alive with rain water, than with tap water.

G: Absolutely. Now there is a second form of energy. Which I want you to think about. Think about where all the animals get their second form of energy from.

S: The plants and the earth.

G: Yes, Now, all the smaller animals, those that eat fruits, vegetables, grass, etc. some are eaten by the larger animals. And so the process continues. And when the animals die, they go back into the earth.  Now let’s see if you can see a 3rd form of energy?

S: The air.

G: Yes, now what types of air do you get? Again, let’s start high up in the mountains, where there is less oxygen. Coming down to nature, which creates oxygen. And how does the rain move around with the clouds? What moves it?

S: Air, wind.

G: so you have the oceans which are continuously moving in circular patterns. Then you have the clouds moved by air. Also in patterns. And they wash over backwards and forwards onto the land. Rain is created. Energy is circulated. Very good. Would you like to try for a 4th?

What would create more energy, something very quiet or something very loud?

S: loud.

G: think of a herd of buffalo. Or two animals mating. Does that create any energy?

S: yes, everything is energy.

G: All the movement of the animals and what they do. They have less emotion than we do.

S: so everything has different energy. A lighter energy would be from a butterfly. An elephant would be a heavier energy.

G: yes, and interacting with one another. A lion chasing a buck. A herd of elephants.

S: Birds feeding off elephants.

G: loud noises like elephants trumpeting and quiet noises like crickets chirping, you have birds chirping. All of this creates a different form of energy, which is used in nature.

S: So another thing would be sound. They are all creating different sounds, which is creating energy as well.

G: yes, that is the 5th one, you are one step ahead.

S: Then you get awareness, when something is behind them, stalking them. And then there is smell.

G: So, as we were discussing yesterday, in an animals DNA, it is passed on from one generation to the next. And what is passed on, is not so much like when we come down from spirit, you choose your future etc. because you have evolved to that level. When an animal interacts, it doesn’t come down with specific memories, it comes down to learn a little bit more. So, it carries on the DNA to grow and learn more, so that animals will evolve at the same time. That is why it changed from dinosaurs to more modern-day animals. They evolve all the time. Some of them, like crocodiles are an ancient species, which haven’t evolved much at all. Because what does a crocodile do? Lives in the water, eats, sleeps, that’s about it.

S: and there are animals that become extinct. There is no need for them anymore.

G:  Correct, yes. Because nature is evolving, the animals are evolving. So, the animals not needed anymore, so it’s weeded out.

S: everything is just always progressing.

G: it is, everything is evolving. Now if you take the plant life these days, plants go extinct all the time. And new hybrids pop up. Depending on the situation. Depending on where the different energies are flowing. Like at the moment, with the crisis of climate control. So, nature will change and adapt to suit the particular shortage of whatever climate control creates. That’s why now you are getting more monsoons and tropical storms, tsunamis and so on. That is nature simply adapting.  Now, where would the most tranquil energy of nature come from?

S: Water

G: Yes, the ocean covers 2/3 of the earth. And that is one huge amount of very connected energy. So, it’s an energy that can be adapted and used different ways. You’ve seen the energy that comes in through the rivers, and then it goes up into rain, and it’s all different energies that end up in the sea. And the sea, sorts it out, balances it and puts it back into rain and the rain puts it back onto the earth. So, the sea is the stabilising factor, and a very, very tranquil energy.

S: And a magnificent healing energy.

G: Absolutely because all those different energies are in there. The way you must look at the sea is, these tiny drops of water, trillions of trillions are all rubbing together, all the time, very gently, creating energy. Now negativity, as we know, goes down to the sea. It goes out to sea and it dissipates.

S: and there is so much ‘fun’ that is had in the sea, with children and surfers/body boarders, so it collects all that energy as well.

G: It’s very healing too, lots of people with skin conditions and so on. And they don’t realise the additional energy they are getting from swimming in the ocean.

I’m going to leave you with a last form of energy. It’s a creative energy. It’s between humans and nature. A mountain, a huge valley full of flowers, full of all the beautiful colours. And imagine you looking at this beautiful valley filled with all these beautiful coloured flowers. What you are doing is creating a beautiful, calm, loving, peaceful, healing energy. And that is created if you add hundreds of people looking at it. They will all be creating that energy. Which can be felt there, in the future.

S: You are also receiving the energy, as you are giving it out.

G: quite right, excellent.

S: So, you are creating even more of the energy.

G: Very much so. So, when people deal with things that they love and understand, for instance, growing flowers is a good example, they are giving and receiving energy at the same time. Or people who love making furniture, for example, it may be wood, but they are loving the wood and they are giving it out and getting back an energy. The same with many many trades.


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