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24 March 2022. Using negative energy for good,

24 March 22 War, group energy is fear. Using negative energy for good,

 In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff starts and one of the Teachers takes over and talks through him.

 G: Right, I was getting nothing, and then I thought I would just white light the whole thing, get rid of all these negative thoughts, and thoughts in my mind. Then I started to get faces, and what I have got now, is soldiers. There are lots and lots of soldiers, who are walking towards me. I am going to go down the middle of them to feel what their energy is like.

And they are saying “it’s a surreal world”. When you go into battle or war for the first time, it’s surreal, because you are using real weapons, you are killing people and you can fire a gun and somewhere somebody gets hit by the shell of the bullet, they die and you don’t even know. And also coming the other way. And that creates a huge negative energy. An energy of obviously fear, for all the civilians in the area and the soldiers in that area. The group energy is fear. Now, what does that do?

It keeps people in a sort of separate world. You know, at home they have got their family, their kids and all this sort of thing, a happy life. And here they are at war, and it can be the volunteers, it can be the soldiers and uniform guys, whatever, but they have huge negative conflict and in a way, their body chooses to sort of protect them, and makes it sort of surreal. It’s like when you have real fear.

S: yes, it’s like a real drama or trauma, your body actually protects you. Yes, your body goes through it, you don’t.

G: Now, there is a way to create positive energy. I have seen it created. So you take a city that has been shelled. Creates a lot of negative energy, lots of fear, lots of anger, etc. and suddenly the war is over, for example. And the people come out on the streets. And suddenly the energy is completely changed, you’ve got this positive energy, walking into a negative energy, and it completely dissipates the negative energy. It overpowers it straight away. The negative has been there for a long, long time, but it can be sorted out, in literally one day. With just a few words “the war is over”. And that will change it.

S: Yes, positivity overpowers negativity.

Yes, too true. It can be that quick. Now where there is a road and you have got like a lot of soldiers going up that road. When they have passed, the negative energy stays on the road. And it takes a long time for that to be overpowered. But because it’s a group energy, it’s linked to obviously the group. So let’s just say the group gets to a place and the war is over, and suddenly the positive energy – it doesn’t push back, as the people come back along that road, it wipes out the negative and replaces it with positive. Okay.

So I think the answer we were looking for tonight was balancing positive energy to get rid of a whole lot of negative energy.

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