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4 April 2022 Changing the way we must think to the NOW instead of the future.

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

G: Ok, I’m getting a few different things. To start off I got a Bible on a shoreline with lots of different bits and pieces missing. And that seemed to say, you know, over the generations it gets distorted and changed and so on. So we can’t really go by that. When we look at carbon dating and our scientists looking back at fossils 4 or 5 million years old and so on, trying to carbon date them. And that is all well and good, they can learn so much from that. And then there is future technology, where they’re looking at sending spaceships and satellites to different planets to see whether they are habitable and so on. But there is no real concentration on the now which is basically all that is needed.

Everything is here on this planet, to keep everybody happy and everybody comfortable. What they need to do is simply live in ‘togetherness’, without the ego, the greed and all the different emotions. It’s good to have some emotions. But what is killing this planet at the moment is first of all greed and secondly technology. With technology comes greed. Because as new advancements are made, that becomes profitable, that brings in the greed. So more is concentrated on developing the future and looking at the past than there is of looking after the now.

S: yes.

So where will this all end up? If we look at the future generations, what is going to happen? Is Technology is going to get better. But is that going to benefit the majority of people on this planet? There is starvation at the moment. Nature is suffering badly. People are starving. There are no jobs. It’s all so lopsided, so how do we get it back to a decent balance? Do we stop technology? Or change technology to look after the now, instead of the future?

S: mmm, we can’t stop it because the momentum is going. So to change it would be the ultimate. And may or could come in through the younger generation because they are so aware of technology a) and what it’s capable of, and b) they are also aware of what the planet is going through and what is happening around them.

Correct. So where there is technology at the moment, it goes to profit shareholders or profit, greed and so on, so what would be the way to change that?

S: Through the youth and their awareness.

And to change the thinking of the people that are running these programs. If they change their thinking to benefit the now instead of the future, to put more money back into R&B instead of taking it in profits. Then the now could be so much better. So how do you think we will get to that particular stage? What will change the people’s way of thinking?

S: Energy

Yes, but what event will change their way of thinking? We know the youth are coming in and the youth are getting involved.

S: A crisis of some sort. To create a radical change.

Yes, it will reach its peak. It will reach its peak and then people will realise that far too many people are just looking at advancement, money and greed and the starving are being left behind. Change the thinking and then we can change the future. So as we have been discussing the work you are going to do about the change in the way people think and how these tentacles go out, over a generation they can cover millions. You can change the lives of millions through thought.

Now if we go back to religions that we have been looking at recently. There are all the different types of religions, and where do these new religions come from? They come from a religion which is created, let’s just say it’s the Catholics, and along the way, a few hundred years ago, 2 or 3 people decide “we have a better way of doing it” “they made a mistake in the translation” or whatever and they create a sub-religion for Catholicism. And that becomes a new religion. So these changes keep on happening as people think about making the change. Now, a generation down the road, or 100 years or 200 years, and suddenly this religion is very popular because it’s been passed down through generations. And people believe what they are told by their parents. So, if you had to start the change now, by making people think the right way, then in a generation or two, it would become the norm.

S: yes.

And then, the major companies would simply change to creating for the now. People wouldn’t need the greed, the big profits, etc. there will still be some there, as always, but not the majority. They will feel it’s far better to look after those that need it than pile up more money into their bank accounts.

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