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724 Saudi Arabia v South Yemen (One of the first to change)

1st May 2022 Saudi v South Yemen

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

I have a white building with 3 windows in it. There are a couple of colours, red and yellow. It has a flat top, so it’s like an embassy. It’s somewhere in the middle east. Lots of white buildings, the sea. It’s empty. It seems to be where the fighting is. Saudi are fighting people in the South. South Yemen.

This is one of the first changes that is going to happen. There has been a lot of animosity there for a long time now. On one side we have Saudi and all the weapons and lots of money. On the other side we have “South Yemen”, and they are a lot of ordinary, down to Earth people. They have no desire to fight, but they have no choice, they are always being pushed to do whatever.

So the emptiness is the first of the – what can be done – when the change takes place. What they have done is they have created a brand-new area. The area in front, all the houses are empty, all the energy is neutral and this is really symbolic, because they can’t replace a whole country or whole city. Everything is in place for the new change. What you have is a lot of people on both sides, where the anger has built up. Now, we always say you must have balance, positive on one side, negative on the other. But where you have people at war like this, you have negative on both sides, and it’s getting totally out of hand. What happens at that stage, it reaches a peak, where it is a major disaster. And one side will eventually give in. Or both sides will simply say ‘enough is enough’ as this has gotten way out of hand. When that happens, then spirit can move in with all this energy that is all ready to go. Suddenly everybody feels so much better. It’s like ‘oh, we made the right decision, and we can start again’. Automatically, all of that energy goes in, and it starts to work straight away. And what happens in that scenario, is basically, all the energy goes in at once and starts to work. It has to be all at once, to make it effective. So what do you do with all the negative energy that is there? You basically lift it up, and it has to be disposed of. So you lift it up and it stays hovering above the area, country or wherever the place is, and then everybody can start moving the energy away. So, where you need all this energy in the beginning, the positive energy to put in when it is needed, what you need is an opposite to that, all the negative energy at the top, as a way to remove all the negative energy and it has to be implemented at the same time, as you can’t have one without the other. So what do they do with negative energy? It’s put into the air, above the city, and you can imagine there is an awful lot of it. It’s not just what you imagine of the negative energy that exists there, it’s negative energy from the past, all the memories as well. Everything that reoccurs every few minutes. It’s like people going back to the scene of an accident, that makes the memory occur. All that has to be replaced, and that takes a little bit of time. So when that happens, there is more negativity created, and the positivity goes in, replaces it and sends it up. There is just more and more to get rid of. So, how do we get rid of all this energy at the top?

S: It goes up, into the energy space above. And that is when the wind and nature would help, take it up and it can can be cleared through rain, which is positive energy.

Quite right, on a smaller version, where negativity is removed, you know it goes into rivers, down streams, into the ocean and back into rain. That is a small day to day process. But when you get a whole country which is in a state of disaster, and everything needs to be changed, then you have this massive amount of energy which is above the ocean, and in the air. And they have got the air spirits, but there is a massive amount of area which, people don’t realise. So it can go up 20-30-40-50-200 000 feet into the air. But then look at the distance it goes around the World. That is all empty space, where energy can be stored and used. So that is something that is brought down, sucks up all the negative energy, and it is then dispersed around the World, very quickly. Very clever. 

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