Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

729 2nd May 2022  Next generation of children bring new memories

In this meditation Geoff (G) and Sharon (S) are shown scenarios to sense. Geoff either talks via “Instant understanding” or one of the Guides/Teachers takes over and talks through him.

There is one more, which is not an energy that we use. But the new children, being born in the next generation, will be able to bring it down with them. A little bit more of the memories, so they can develop on a higher level. You can imagine in the beginning, like caveman days, they don’t need a lot of information. Now, when you come down for a life, you choose to experience something specific, and it’s specific to that particular generation and time period. So you couldn’t learn about rockets to the moon 100 years ago. So now things change, and you need to bring down a little bit more of the memories, for example, what you are learning now, if you wanted to add a little bit of that into your next lifetime, you would have a head start on what you are doing, developing spiritually and that is the way to go. So, more memories will be brought down by children in generations of the future.

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