Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

751   Divas storing energy for balance when needed.

May 2023.   

G: Now scooting across to the Arctic. Huge area of ice and snow in front of me. Massive area, all white. But there’s a big chunk of black. Black stuff moving in front of me, and its sort of half above in the ice. It’s like a big chunk of negative in front, in amongst all the positive. So I think we have to see what it is and what it’s meant to be doing.

Ok, so I go inside it. It’s very oppressive, almost feels it’s suffocating. Compressed energy.


S: So is this the place where all negativity is stored? Or…


G: Could be. Excess of negativity.


S: Because it’s such a clean, open place, space.


G: Yeah. It’s a very suffocating sense. It’s sort of a bit like a black hole.


S: Yeah.


G:  .. type place. I know with such a huge area of positiveness, you’ve got to have a little bit of negativity, which we need for balance.


S: Yeah.


G: But why are they showing this? There’s got to be more to this.

Okay. So the Diva’s will create this positive energy, this very large, delicate, positive energy, but because you need balance, you’ve always got to have balance. You need a pinch of negative energy.


S: Yeah.


G: That’s why they’re showing it to us as compressed. So what they do is they take a little bit of that compressed black energy, that’s a negative energy, mix in with what they want, so they’ve got the correct balance to grow.


Okay. Very nice. Ah, now I’ve gone straight into a beautiful area of growth and it’s like things growing very fast. They seem to be like very fruitish. It’s like, a bit like blackberries, raspberries. But with no spikes, and there’s lots of them just growing everywhere and just producing way too much than is needed. So it’s like, imagine something the size of, I don’t know, KZN. And nothing but these vines with these fruits, way too much. So, it’s got to be, it cannot be eaten. It must be a form of energy. So what would that be for?


S: Fruition?


G: Let’s look at the opposite. We have a little bit of compressed energy to go into the Diva’s. Now we have the opposite of compressed, which is a massive amount of nice…. It’s not… You see if it’s… it’s positive energy, that’s for sure. So it’s a massive amount of positive energy. Alright, we’ve looked at the light energy, which the Divas are going to use to help regrow things. Some negative. So why a huge amount of now more positive?


S: Well, maybe it’s the energy that they’re spreading. Because…to create that energy. So its energy being implanted and energy is just to create nurture, grow, flourish, fruition.


G: I think, if we go back a couple of steps, we were talking about Diva’s creating their own energy.


S: Oh yeah.


G: So maybe they have the instructions of how to create, and this is the actual material they create it with


S: Yeah.


G: Because it’s just a massive amount which they can move because they’re a massive…


S: Energy


G: … energy all together.


S: Yeah. 


G: So, okay. That makes sense.


S: So absolutely.


G: Now let’s go into this huge mass, just because… When I first went in there, it was very exciting. And it was very good. So let’s just go right into the middle. So we’re surrounded. I mean, it’s probably 10 foot high, so as we go right into the middle, and we can just feel this color all around us, this energy all around us, and just see what we can see.

Sit down in the middle Shan, sit down with me in the middle. So, we are surrounded by all these black and blue raspberry sort of plants all over, for as far as you can see. Now look upwards. And what you see in the sky is all these pastel colors, light pastel colors that we saw right in the beginning, coming down on the forest, that the Divas are going to use to create.


So this now does all make sense. So they will use, – the pastoral colors are basically the instructions, the memories, like you had in the beginning, you were quite right. So, they use the memories to create this energy, to use this energy. And use it where it’s supposed to be. So, and that is, that is beautiful.


S: Shew. That maketh me hotteth.


G: Yeah. Me too. Ok, let’s get out of there. Now, let’s just go straight up. A long way up and we will look down. We’ll look down at like the original right in the beginning. Looking down like a drone, over whole forest look. Or over a whole country, whatever. And we will just see where we’re going to go from here.


Now, I’ve gone back to the valley. When we first started doing nature, the waterfall at the top goes down all the way into a valley at the bottom, and that’s where I am at the moment, overlooking this whole valley. And what I’m seeing is the colors change. And the divas are just showing me how much they can change the colors and change the, the weather, the energy itself.


S: Shew.


G: Because if you, if you take the earth itself, it’s changed so many times. It’s moved around so many times. For instance, the Sahara Desert used to be covered in water.


S: Yeah.


G: And because things have changed, so the divas have to change what they’re doing all the time.


S: Adapt, yeah.


G: And it’s changed time and time again over the centuries.


So what they can do is they can change virtually anything. So that’s why nature is so adaptable and always looks after itself. Okay. So that’s very good.


Now, going along this valley towards the sea, there’s mountains either side, and it’s a very comfortable place. It’s a place where there’s lots of greenery, there’s lots of animals, there’s lots of peace. The area itself is basically just another type of peace center. So when you get there, it’s very comfortable. Because what you do is where you get to an area which is really beautiful, comfortable, or whatever, is you, your, the happy energy that you send out gets sent back by the divas.


So you absorb that energy. That’s why relaxing next to a babbling brook and so on, is so nice. Next to a waterfall. Lying in the sun. Are you are just swapping energy? Getting beautiful, loving energy back again. That’s why it’s a very nice place to meet spirit and so on, to do meditations.


S: Yeah.


G: Getting away completely from energy that is built up on earth, which is built up over centuries.


S: On my to do list.


G:  Yeah. So it’s like rebooting your system, going to an area which is totally clean.


S: mm.


G: Now, if you take, talk to people who’ve been to the North Pole, the South Pole, they will tell you it’s a, it’s a very similar thing. They could, they’re able to sense the energy. Most of them won’t even know about it until you ask them.


But if you ask them what the energy is like, they will say it’s sort of calming and peaceful, but there is nothing to it because there is no color, no substance, no emotion. It’s just basic, a blank energy.


S: They are not familiar with that.


G: No, not at all.


S: They are not familiar with not even thinking, not familiar with all sorts. It’s strangeness. Someone was talking today, about the no sound thing. Oh, east Coast Radio. They went into something where there was no sound, it was just cut off.


G: Okay.


S: And how obscenely insane it was for them because we are not familiar with that. We’re familiar with hearing something all the time. Our brain going all the time. We don’t stop and just hear nothing. People don’t stop and just be nothing, you know?


G: Yeah, it’s like these flotation tanks.


S: Yeah. So that, for that space out there must be phenomenal.




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