Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

778 How to live in the now

And even though you will evolve, to different stages and go on all sorts of different adventures, etc. it is still in the now, that you will enjoy the life that you are living. And this is what people on your planet can not understand at the moment, even those that are well experienced, will understand that living in the now is the most important thing, but they lack the ability to do it. It’s so difficult to do on this planet, because do you give up money, house, car? What do you want to give up, to live in the now? At the moment, can you live in the now, knowing that you cannot pay the rent, you cannot buy food next week, you can’t whatever? Can you live the now and be happy?

S: mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Yeah, it takes some thinking about. And that is actually what we are trying to teach you. Let me ask you this, at the moment, you are living on your planet in what would be called financial distress. It is very worrying for you, it’s taxing, its stressful, strenuous and it makes you worry. What would you need to stop that worry? What one thing would you take, to stop that worry? What ingredient would you add?

S: Peace

Yes, that is pretty good. Then look ahead. If you looked ahead and you were confident about that which was ahead, then would you be comfortable?

S: Yes

Yes, so it wouldn’t matter how much money you had, or where you lived or what you drove, or whatever. If you had the belief that you are going to be ok, up until your death. That is all you need, is that belief. If you have that belief, you don’t need anything else. How simple is that? But how are you going to teach that to everybody? It’s too much for them to accept, and there are a few who will become enlightened, very very few, but they will tend to live in monasteries and out of the commercial arena, if you like. Where they can be on their own in solitude and just enjoy that energy.

Very few can, this is why you get groups of monks for example, that live in a monastery. And what they have done is shut off the outside world, as much as they can. They are living in the now, knowing that their way of life will just continue. It may not improve, they may not earn more money, but they have a garden full of vegetables, they have camaraderie, they have meditation and prayers, that is their life and that is what they believe in, to be successful. That is what they accept for being comfortable. They will go through life, and then when they get to the next life, or go back to the other side, they may think otherwise.

But that is all you really need is the belief. Now think of what we have taught you just in the last few months, do you have the belief that we are going to look after you, until you die.

S: Yes.

Yes, you do. Now, you believe it but it’s very hard to accept it. You would love to believe it, love to make sure it’s 100% but you can not really believe it yet. But in a few months’ time, as you progress and as you understand more, get more, get more confirmation, that what is happening is the correct way to go, you will be looked after, you will walk down the right path, get the right answers and so on. When you have that belief, what is going to happen to your system? What is going to happen to your love for humanity, and society. Imagine inside of you, the love that you will have when you have this tremendous, tremendous, love, peace, tranquillity, understanding, living in the now. And when you talk to people in the now, you will project that across to them. They will see it in you, they will see how content you are, with what you have. And they will learn a lot from you. A lot will try to be exactly the same as you, but they will have a long way to go. There are others, of course, around the planet, that have reached this particular level and going through the same things as you are going through, many of them, and you will meet some in the future. That is such an important thing to understand. The longer we look after you, the more confidence you will have, the more belief you will have, the more clarity you will have, them ore peace you will have, and the greater ability to do what you chose to do.

S: yes, and when I go into the reality and the mind and start stressing about things, when I sit quietly, tap into the universe, you, all the energy, it lightens everything, expands everything, all emotions go away, and I feel like anything is possible, filled with confidence and creativity. There is a world of possibility and creativity.

Yes, quite right, and now you be able to see, when you talk to other people, how when they get worried and stressed, especially about financial stuff on this planet, and the emotion sides, where you get husbands and wives arguing, having disputes etc.; You will be able to see how if effects them, way more than it now effects you. You will be able to see that difference. You will be able to teach and help them etc.

Now it’s going to be very difficult and almost impossible to teach others to reach a certain level that you have in a short space of time, The ability to live in the now, and have confidence in us, and so on. You will have it, but you won’t be able to give it to others. Very few people have reached that level. So, you will have to teach them slightly different ways, to understand their ability. If you give them your having confidence is us to create the peace that you need, the way forward, up until you cross over; where you get a family who doesn’t have that, you will have to create in them the ability for them to believe in themselves, that they can create, they have the ability to create what is needed, to live a comfortable life, until they reach the end on this earth.

The change is going to be quite severe; it’s going to be a big difference over the next few years, from where we are now. People will be thinking totally differently in 5 years’ time. So, it will be far easier to get across, but you have to work on the foundation, with all your experience. Then you will be tapping into the minds of all these people, doing groups and meetings and so on.


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