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779 Storing memories that are finished with

G: I have an energy here. They are showing us energies in the form of stone statues. They are in different places in different towns, around the earth. And they are ancient figures.

S: Are they storing energy?

G: Yes, but what sort of energy are they storing? They are old. Energy is always sort of recycled, so maybe not energy but memories. Yes, we are looking at memories that aren’t used anymore. So, if you take an event that happened, it can be a major event, but once the even is finished, there is no point in keeping those memories. Things which are valuable, are put into memory rods. And other things like this, where there is a huge amount of them, like Pompei – that was a tremendous amount of energy, but once that was over, it was finished with. So, all that energy is simply put into one place. So, it’s tidied up and put away, if you like. The statues you are looking at now are just symbolic. There are various places around the world, where it is kept. And remember, we talk about a huge volume of energy but it can be compressed into the size of a pin head so, it’s just there.

S: that’s exactly what people do, they go up to a statue, read all about it and tap into that world. How many memories are they picking up? They tap into the energy of it.

G: yes, so first of all they tap into the people’s energy. So a war is very simple. War veterans would go back and visit that statue, more energy would go into it. But also the artist that created it, because he is going to make it to be good. He is going to make it with the feelings that are needed for what he has to create, etc. He will unknowingly tap into all sorts of energy to get the feeling. The same as actors do when they want to portray a certain character. And he will then put that feeling into the statue. People who go there and pick up a sense, will then go there and pick up one correct sense and one possibly correct sense. Because, if they pick up the sense from the artist, and what he put in, it is his imagination and a creation based on his research, that is put into there. Whereas, the soldiers that have crossed over, and come back to visit the statue, will put in the real energy. So, the people there are being a little big mislead, but what gets put across to them is the importance of that particular event, be it a war or whatever. So, you get the reality of what happened, and then you get the artists impression. And he is trying to get across, what he believes is the right thing. So, let’s give an example of Mother Theresa, and what she did was irrelevant at one stage. The artist would create a monument of Mother Theresa, for the church that makes him a saint. Will create what they want people to pick up. What they believe she should be seen as, remembered as. And that is the energy they will leave. What they are doing is saying, the Catholic church for example, would say that she was a good catholic, a good example, and she did all the good things etc. And that energy goes into her. Whereas when she comes down to visit us herself, and to actually have friends around her, they will leave the energy of the reality of what happened. So the new people who go towards the statue, will get a mixture of the reality and the partial reality. But positive thoughts, all very positive.

We will have a quick look at other events, D-Day is another good example. When an event takes place, let’s just take the end of the European war, D-Day. There were millions of people creating this very vast energy. And the energy that they created, was one of victory, not of domination or winning, but of victory, looking forward to peace, tranquility, rebuilding, etc. Now, imagine with a few million people what sort of energy was created there. It’s a group energy which is quite unbelievable. Firstly it can be used in the future, should something similar to that happen. Secondly, that type of energy is created, and when you have say in ten years’ time, you have an event to mark the of the end of the war. That energy is recreated, the people that are there, who were there 10 years ago, will recreate that form of energy. And it’s a build up around the event. So, when somebody new takes over in another 10, 20, 30 years, that energy is still there for them to use, that they created themselves. And what they will pick up is the correct sort of energy surrounding that Now some of these statues date back centuries. But the same thing applies, every time they are remembered, or visited or whatever, that form of energy gets passed on. So, again, this is information you don’t really need, it is just useful to understand more, how it is distributed and how we look after things.

Now let’s look at places where you have beautiful events. Where the Virgin Mary is seen for example, wherever that might be. First of all, it is created by, I’ll give you a good example, the Lourdes healing centre, in France, how that started, was a young girl claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary. And being in a very religious community, they wanted to believe it but they wanted a little bit of proof.  But they all had that nice nurturing energy that they wanted to see that little bit of proof, and when the tiniest bit of proof was shown to them, or what could be construed as proof, it created a group energy, which basically said, the Virgin Mary was seen here. Then people start to visit from different parts of the country and the energy builds up and build up and builds up. And over decades, centuries, an enormous amount of energy is built up, and thought is creation. Creation turns into physical manifestation. So, enlightened people would go along there, after a couple of decades, and they will start to see the form, the outline of virgin Mary. Lourdes went on to be a healing centre, so people went there to be healed by the Virgin Mary. They would immerse themselves in the water. And again, all they were doing was creating more energy. A lot of time when they were healed it was a matter of self belief that they were healing. They could use the energy that was there, but they had the positivity in themselves. “I am going there to be healed/cured”. And they went there with that positive outlook, which allowed the body to accept as much energy as it could, and a lot of them were healed. Now, because of the success, word spread and more people heard about it, got healed and it started to grow and grow and grow. And it is still like that today. And, in the far east for example, you have many temples in India, Thailand, Indonesia, where this sort of thing happens all the time. People get to see their different God’s or whatever they believe they want to see and the energy is built up.  The energy becomes a partial reality. And it’s beneficial for everybody.

That is enough for you for one day, you have enough to absorb for now.



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