Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

806 A long talk on energy Part 6 Advanced Spirit shows the energy when you evolve.

G: Oh nice, I’m being completely taken over. Energy completely taking over every part of my body. And this is from an alien. Who is showing me… no it’s not an alien, it’s an evolved spirit. ,

Spirit: Showing me that, the energy when you become evolved, when you reach that level, is so controlled, it’s all uniform. But there are just thousands of different layers of energy, because each energy can be broken down into all these sub-energies. And to be able to think at this level, you need all the different energies, emotions, and a lot of things that you haven’t experienced yet, to be able to converse at our particular level, and as you know, it’s not verbally, and we converse with many people at once, in many places at once, with many automations at once. And so, most of the energies that you have here on earth are earthy energies. As you progress, you get to the mental level, you don’t need the earthy energies, and they are replaced with other finer energies, which we can utilize. On the same basis as you use here, by interaction with others, by creating different scenarios, and different planets, and different teachings. And so with this additional experienced energy, let’s put it that way, where we have had many, many, many lifetimes to use and change and develop our energies, they’ve got so much experience in them, that’s a better way to put it. Instead of having new energy, creating new energy, I certainly wouldn’t talk about this this evening, how energies are created, but instead of having new energy created, we bring along our energy from a certain level with the experience that it’s had. So we have different types of energy with experience in, so therefore we can utilize and create so much more than the average soul would.


S: It’s like inserting a battery of information.


Spirit: Absolutely, a library of information, but much finer information, much more. Ah, so much to it. But I’m sure you understand exactly what I was saying.


S: Yes. And the energy doesn’t stop moving?


Spirit: No, the energy doesn’t stop moving, but it doesn’t move to such extremes, because we can control it far more. We don’t get into depressed states, because depression goes down, let’s say ten points, we can only go down not even half a point. So it will never happen. Being more in control of everything allows us to think with much more clarity.


S: Shew, absolutely.


Spirit: Yeah. Now think about all the emotions you go through every day, and if you could go through those with the clarity that we have, you would make decisions so much quicker. What is lacking a little bit more is the one thing that you have, which is love, unconditional love. We have it, we have a more limited band of it. You have the extremes from one extreme to the other, and we have a more limited band, which is more solid, more comforting, but without those extremes from either side. I think I’d better leave now.


S: That was beautiful.


Spirit: I’m creating a lot of energy, but I better be going. And I’ve been told I’ve got to say good night.  LOL


S: Good night and thank you, that was beautiful.


Spirit: Excellent.

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