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814 Learning channeling – Part 4 Existing in different dimensions

How can we cross over to different dimensions?


S: We exist in different dimensions.


G: We can exist in different dimensions. But how can one thing affect a different dimension.


S: It’s all connected, so one thing is going to impact everything else, in a way?


G: Something can split into two dimensions.


S: Unless they take the energy into certain dimensions?


G: No, I know what it is. Okay. You get a certain situation, so we get into a situation which needs some help from Spirit. Needs some energy from Spirit. Let’s just say some group action, whatever is needed. It’s to do with a group, it’s not singular. So we come along and we see it and we want to now fix it. So we tune into the Spirit, and we say, this needs fixing. You can see what needs doing. And they don’t want us to do it. And what they could see, is they maybe look at it and say, this is a new scenario to us. We want to see the outcome if we did A or if we did B. So they want to put in a certain amount of energy, so it can now split into two dimensions. So they can see both sides of the coin. So they want to put in the right energy, and then do the splitting into two dimensions.


S: Shew. They really are speeding up evolution, on all levels.


G: Yeah. So, we know that that can be done at any stage. I’ve never actually thought about how it’s done, or whatever. I know the example you’ve always used, you know, if you want to get divorced, what happens if you do, what happens if you don’t? But that’s really all. But there’s a lot more to it than that.


So again, it’s a matter of, what they’re saying to us is, go with your gut feel, do what you think is right, but don’t make any decisions, let us in to help, wherever possible. Because it can benefit not just them, it benefits us as well.


S: It will make our job a lot easier.


G: Yeah. Because we will be able to see both of those dimensions. We’re working in this dimension at the moment, but when there’s a split, we will be working in two dimensions. Our higher self, or selves, whatever is up there, will be able to see more and more. OK, that makes a lot of sense. A makes a bit more sense now anyway.


 So, it’s splitting into different dimensions. Now I have a different scenario. It’s a load of old ships, old sort of galleon type ships, coming towards us. And there’s probably a couple of hundred of them. And they are enveloped in a very dark grey mist. It’s like a very stormy night. And they are coming to us out of the mist. And we look at this and immediately you think that there’s some sort of battle, drama, negative, whatever. Because of the darkness, they greyness, the feeling and so on. So why would this, show us, what’s it doing, coming towards us?


G: Ah gees, this is another thing. To create us, for us to create an energy, what they can do is create an image, which will create a return of energy from us. So, as an example, if let’s say you get a snake in front of you that’s about to bite you, your immediate reaction is to whatever you do. Now, where you get something like the armada of ships coming towards us, it immediately creates a fear and apprehension in us, etc. Which spirit can then use? They can create any form of energy they want, so why would they want us to react so they can use that energy?


G: To lead us down a path.


S: So we get the energy?


G: No, to lead us down a path. If we’re going into a scenario and we’re trying to sort of blindly feel our way forward, they can show us different things. They normally show us the scenario itself, and we’re not sure whether it’s good, bad or whatever we go and we find out and so on. What they can do is show us different things very quickly to make us react and think about something specific.

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