Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

815 Learning channeling – Part 5 Sensing

Now, when they want to get us to talk about something, they will use something which will remind us of the thing they want to talk about. So that’s why they’ll show us weird and wonderful things, it just makes us think about something specific. So here it’s the same sort of thing, but it’s much stronger to make us react, to open up that energy. There’s still something missing there. Let me look a bit more.


You look at this armada of ships coming towards us. It’ stormy, dark, raining. You can’t see any people on ships, but they must be there. Old, old galleons.


S: It’s almost like a force, a power.


G: Yeah. Old could be significant. Old galleons. Memories. Okay, got it. So where we’ll be looking at helping groups, big groups, we know that we won’t understand the whole thing, but we’ll let spirit do their thing.


Now, in a scenario like that, let’s say for example it’s the war in Ukraine, we haven’t had any experience with that, whereas they have. So they can show us what’s happened, one of their experiences, to get us to react the right way. That make sense?


S: Yes.


G: So the old experiences, we’ve had single experiences going back in our, since the day we started, and that’s what we base our going forward on, our decisions on, on past experiences. But we haven’t had any bulk experiences for want of a better word, which is what we’re going into helping. So spirit can provide those with us, and it’s just to nudge us in the right direction, to think the right way, a bit more direction into the sort of healing or problem solving that we’ll be doing.


S: Yeah, otherwise why would we think of it?


G: Yes. Quite right. So when they show us a huge armada of ships coming towards us, we know there’s some big danger coming this way, heading this way, with this group that we’re about to help. And that’s what we have to look into. The more we open ourselves up, the more spirit can work through us to get the right energies out there. They need to be able to control, being the Gardener of the Earth, etc, make minor changes, etc, but they’re not going to do everything for us. It’s not a matter of just opening up and letting them do their thing. We’ve got to do it. We’ve got to get the help from them, the direction from them, and we’ve just got to think the right way to get the right energy from them to go through us.


So they’re giving us some past history when we need it, just to point us in the right direction. That makes sense. Now going right back to the beginning, what did I see right at the beginning? Was all these burning ships. So that just shows a different way. I’ll be damned. That’s so funny.


Hmmm. Because in the beginning I saw this burning tanker and this black smoke, but I saw lots of other ships, which I didn’t focus on too much. But there was a lot of it around. And I just assumed, wrongly, it was because I’d been watching ships and war all afternoon on TV. Okay, so. Let’s see what else there is.

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