Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

831   Storage facility for memories

Spirit: I will leave for now and we do have one more for you.

G: I’m not sure what this is. On the bottom left-hand side, which is where spirit normally comes from, it looked like the sun, a planet which is full of flames, swirling around and all that jazz, lots of different colours and energies. It seems to be a planet which is doing, its way and the distance and it’s coming closer and closer. And it seems to be, it’s like, I don’t know, a different race of people coming closer. Possibly coming to watch, I’m not sure. But it’s just swirling, swirling colours. So, they want both of us to go towards these colours. So, just, you would go to the right and I’ll go to the left, and we go down, and you see all these swirling colours. And just walk into the middle of it. It seems to be in space somewhere. I can’t see if it’s energy or dimensions or… It’s living. It’s living.


Okay, it’s one… no that can’t be true. It looks to me like it’s a huge ball of memory from everything that’s happened on the planet, or the solar system or whatever. There are rows and rows of information, there’s definitely memories there. It looks automated, but at the same time it’s moving.


S: Shew.


G: It’s a storage facility.


S: Storage planet.


G: Yeah. So, it’s where…OK. It’s where energy that’s finished with, is stored. OK. Now I can see the whole thing. Everything is combined. We’ve seen this recently, where all the planets intermingle, different colours, energies going backwards and forwards. Everything with us going for a tiny little degree, us, up into the whole universe, etc. And what they’re showing us is we’re finishing with a lot of stuff that we’ve done, not just in this life, but other past lives as well. So we’re graduating in a way, or getting ready for the next major step. So what they’re showing us is all of this stuff is being taken and shoved away and pushed in this library. That’s where it’s being stored. And all the energy that’s swirling around is all the different experiences, memories and so on, from all the other planets and different places and things where we’ve connected, which aren’t used anymore. So it’s not just us, it’s lots of other things as well. But they’re just saying, all the stuff in the past, whatever’s happened in the past, the whole thing is finished. You’re starting again. You’re starting in this next level, and everything prior to that has been forgotten. So all of this, the experiences, the this, that and the other, you can forget all of those, because none of that matters anymore. Going into this new era, you’re getting completely purified, for want of a better word, cleansed, so that you can start afresh and you can go into it with your full abilities to go and do what needs to be done. What you chose to be done.


S: Mmm.


Spirit: So, that is a very nice thing for you, and a nice thing for you to understand. That library now is being pushed away, but just know everything is going there. And from that you can relax. That’s so beautiful. And that is definitely all you need tonight. That’s a definite good night.


S: Lol. Goodnight and thank you.


G: It’s hard to believe at times, but we know it’s true. When I’m getting this stuff, I’m always saying, is this right, and then they just sort of take over.


S: He takes over, yeah.


G: It’s like, shut up, we got this. Lol. That is just amazing stuff. It makes sense for the Middle East, you know, to keep things calm, it will affect 4-5 billion people.


S: In multiple countries, yes.


G: Yeah, so.


S: He just gets so excited.


G: Yeah, and us, as far as, you know, running out of money, food, etc. It’s like, they’re showing us they’ve got this dishcloth, they clean the sink and everything, they’re squeezing it out, the last bits they are of getting rid of, so they can wash it and put it on the side. And so it’s the last few dregs of our crap that we’ve been dealing with already. Phew.


S: Yeah.

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