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838 Aliens and energy inside mountains. (Part 1)

G: Okay, we are going to go to a very bleak area. There’s the base of the mountain, there’s a river, and up the mountain, looking at the top, looking at more mountains in the distance. They were covered in a mist, very cold, freezing cold. The rock that you can see is basically black, not gray. And it’s just freezing sort of all year round. That sort of place.


And as I go further and further through, over these mountains, through this gray cloud, it’s wet, it’s miserable, and it’s cold, and so on. And I stop sort of in the middle, and settle down. We’ve got a rock. Looking at this very, very bleak area. And I think the reason we’re here is to feel the energy, I’m just guessing at this stage. Because….. Now, what they are showing me, I’m not sure why, is where I’m sitting at the moment, it’s very cold, freezing cold, bleak and drizzle, damp and really uncomfortable.

Yet if you slide down into the mountain, inside the mountain, it’s suddenly a warm and cozy and so on. There’s an awful lot of energy up there in the mountains.


So obviously, this is somewhere where nobody ever goes. Because I don’t need to go there. So I’m going inside, down inside it looks like, you know, I’m sort of looking for people underneath, or something, because there’s lots of space down here, caves and caverns. I can’t see anything else. I can see it links up to other mountains. And I’ve got a face, a bit like a chimpanzee. Mmm.

A very cute face. Omg, this is Tag, I’ll be damned. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Tag. Lol.


 Oh, this is too beautiful. Tag was, Tag and his family live below the mountains. I think it’s between France and Spain. And we came across Tag many years ago, and he had his family and his group, there’s a whole lot, a hundred or whatever. They are in a group, down below, and they’ve never been to the surface. And we got to know them, and that was about it, and then about six months later, there was, he called us again, because there were many problems, and there was another group closer to the surface, and they wouldn’t let them go to the surface, for.. I can’t remember, air, or whatever. And they asked us to help, and we had to go down there, give them energy, and so on. And, that’s about as much as I can remember.


Now, what he’s showing me here is, they’ve got this huge home now. It used to be just a few caves down in the mountains, now it’s got this massive area. Lots of tunnels down in all directions, big family etc, etc. And he said, you’re asking about, you know, aliens from other planets, etc. And he says, yeah, we are down here. Lol.


S: Lol.


G: I’m trying to see if it’s really in caves, or if it’s in a different dimension. I think it’s a different dimension, because the, because it’s so solid, nothing moves around encased in dimension. It’s like his dimension is inside a solid object that doesn’t move, that seems to be what it is. Yeah, he nods and says that’s right.


So, he’s got black eyes. Black eyes you can only see, you know, if you were down below, you wouldn’t…


S: Yeah, they wouldn’t reflect.


G: That’s right. So, It’s a bit like elves with black eyes. Nocturnal people have black eyes.


S: Yeah.


G: OK. So, his… Yeah, he says, it makes no difference. In his world, it’s a created world, so they create their own light. And they have taken on this form, for what reason, I don’t know. Let me just see more here.

  1. No, it’s not Tag. It was Tag that showed himself, to say that this is just a way, another… It’s another group.


S: To make you look that way.


G: Yeah, another group, yeah, that’s right. So, there are all sorts of different caves and so on. In this particular environment, you’ve got these huge mountains, a huge mountain range, which is never going to move for millions of years. And it’s got all the weather and so on at the top, but underneath, in the mountain itself, it’s all very solid, it’s all very much the same temperature, it’s all very uniform, and therefore it’s a good ground to do something or other, in a safe environment.


S: But again, here, you’ve got nature out in the middle of nowhere, with complete and utter internal opposite to the external atmosphere.


G: Hmm. Yeah, quite right.


S: So you’ve got this internal energy that you can just, ah it’s nice, it’s cozy, it’s warm, it’s whatever. And you’ve got the external, where there’s this ice cold.


G: Yeah, two extremes.


S: Yeah.


G: But what lives in these mountains? I can see so much, but it’s not… I’m not getting the extra bits to say what it is. The main reason I worked out it wasn’t Tag. Because Tag is between Spain and France and those mountains there. These mountains are around Switzerland or India, or somewhere like that. It’s a huge, huge range of mountains.

I’m going to leave that. I will find out what it is. Because I can see so much, but I can’t see any further. And nothing sort of makes any sense. I can’t figure out whether it’s in a different dimension or if it’s in genuine caves or if there’s people down there, I’ve ambled around. So let me leave that for a while. And come back up here.

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