Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

840 May 2022 Positive and negative energy to create change

G: I can see granny’s being playing. I got a birthday cake. Lol. And it’s got all purple ‘whatever’s’ on it. And one candle. Too precious. The one candle is just us, one.


Okay, I’m getting a lot of flood water. But it’s not here, it’s clean flood water. It’s water running very fast. I think it’s symbolic. It seems to be an area like Italy. Where all this nice clean water is running through these side streets and main roads, in a nice town in Italy. Obviously cleansing something. Because if it was real flood water it would be dirty. But it’s clean water, so that is quite symbolic. Okay we are going to go on a little bit more about energies and so on. And Mom will chat a bit later.

She is showing us a huge waterfall on the left, which is just a huge amount of power. On the right is the town with nice fresh water flowing through. And what it is, with the change of the Earth happening, there will be pockets of people that will be open to the change and they will start the change going in particular towns, where suddenly everybody becomes, you know a little bit more spiritual, a little bit more aware. Because again, you can’t have uniformity. So these areas or pockets, will open up, then other people will listen to them and they will open up their little pockets in their area, and so on. And then of course there will always be those left behind which is the negative, which of course we need. So they are showing me the negative as being towns that have been shot to hell like Ukraine at the moment. That is the difference.

Okay, that is pretty straight forward, so there must be more to it. Okay, when spirit organises an area like that, it’s far better to have, it speeds up the process… If you had half the people positive and half negative. They would all be arguing, deciding who is right and who is wrong and all giving their opinions etc. But when you get the majority that are right, then suddenly right sort of overrules all the people who are just the opposite, so. When you get the energy going into a town to change the energy, it tries to change as many people as possible as quickly as possible, that allows the change to happen much quicker.


S: Yeah.


Spirit: Instead of being drawn out. So that is sort of logic.

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